Tuesday, February 1, 2011

American actress Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock goes Nude for American actress Sandra Bullock has revealed that she has no qualms about shedding her clothes on the big screen. Bullock (44) plays a high-powered book editor, who forces her assistant (Ryan Reynolds) to marry her to avoid being deported, in The Proposal , and in one scene the pair had to bare all.

"This film needs my nudity to be funny," the Independent quoted her as telling Entertainment Tonight. For Reynolds, the scene got him closer to Bullock, as the two never spend much time together outside of the set. "I thought I knew her before, but now I really know her," he said. "We rarely ever talk about work when we hang out with each other. Lo and behold, later we were slamming into each other stark on a set in Boston," he added.