Sunday, May 1, 2011

Victoria Beckham: Once "and back - the tires are gone!

Victoria Beckham 2010 vs. 2008! Yes they did it...
She has actually done it! Victoria Beckham has her breast surgery admitted at last. This one could already see it on 10 meters that these tires definitely not made by "Mama Nature" were. Since the summer of 2009 had its front end but surprisingly modest and is not due to any nutty diet, but on a second breast-Op.

First they had to pump up the things and zoom out a few years later. You have to go just in time and giant Happen are just not very "Haute Couture" says the Pottschalk.

Because of trends on the operating table how ridiculous, because Victoria Beckham had her breast but keep the same old can.

At least she is honest and confessed their last engagement in an interview with British Vogue. "The grenades are gone!" Its selbstiornischer comment, but why and explain why they would not.

Must honestly admit the Pottschalk also that he / Breast-change is not noticed. But that's probably because your neckline in recent months so cleverly concealed and me, this lady has lost interest so real.