Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What makes the "Assi Toni?"

The contemporary Internet philosopher had his famous 5 minutes to over 4 years and if one day the "Assi Toni" speaks, we know surprisingly still who they are.

Was not the guy? Right! In an Internet video of the Assi Toni was on the couch and gave his modern "macho" Theses for the best. Is he the male version of Alice Schwarzer? No that does not fit, maybe the female version?

Nope, that does not fit well... the intelligent - Oh bullshit, we just say: The Assi Toni is the right answer to Alice Schwarzer.

Man, what is the prolosophiert so everything was on his couch! Reminds me a little of our Charlie Harper, but it has its own sitcom "Assi Toni" will not make it. After all, he has been devoted in just 4 months a review on "Arte". Honor to who honor a native, even if that comes somewhat late. Before we devote ourselves to the present, you must show its world-famous video again:

Is really so, or this is just a brilliantly thought-out parody? The cultural channel Arte has him in his hometown, "Offenbach" visits and how the Assi Toni on it today it is here: