Friday, December 24, 2010

Vanessa Hudgens: Christmas Shopping Latest

Many people wait until the last minute to go shopping for gifts for Christmas. celebrities are no strangers to this practice.

The list of gifts from Christmas that we have to buy is sometimes long, sometimes we do not know what to give and so we wait until the end so that we can think of something.

Although, admittedly, it’s also true that for some strange reason we enjoy buying things at the last minute. I do not know which of these three reasons have been led to Vanessa Hudgens to go for Christmas presents but just yesterday I saw the actress in a mall in an attitude that many of us probably share.

She went to Barney's New York store in Beverly Hills to get the last present of his list. State Will Zac Efron her former partner, interfered in this list? It is not known. Although it would be strange, because according to what is said, both have been seen together again in recent days.

Anyway. Here are the photos of the beautiful Vanessa shop. Do you already finish your shopping? Hurry, they have little time.