Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Traveling Worries

Before I got married and had kids I used to travel here, there, and everywhere without a second thought. Now that I have kids I find that anytime I am scheduled to travel anywhere by myself I get really anxious that something is going to happen to me. I am heading to Mexico at the end of this week for 4 days and I am so excited to be in the warm weather and to witness the marriage of a good friend, and to hang out with a few of my greatest Boston girls (this is the same group I went to LA with last year). The only thing is that part of me just wants to get there and get back home so that I know I will see Chris and the kids again. I even went so far this week as to ask Chris if we should take out more life insurance on me in case something would happen to me.
It's even worse if Chris and I are traveling somewhere together without the kids because if something happened to us, obviously the kids would have no parents. One of my friends who is going to Mexico this weekend once told us that her parents used to fly on separate airplanes if they were traveling without her and her brother so that it something happened to one of them, then at least there would still be the other parent.
Now, don't get me wrong, but I will go and have a great time, but there will be those lingering thoughts in the back of my mind as the plane takes off and I will breath a sigh of relief when the plane touches back down on Sunday. Do any of you parents out there find that you have similar thoughts?