Sunday, December 19, 2010

Pixie Lott want to make more movies

Pixie Lott has 19 years and is a British pop singer, but now does not want to be just that, also loves acting and wants to do more movies because he did again and for it was really exciting.

'Fred The Movie 'is a movie made for television and there has been able to act Pixie, that's what's so excited and now wants to make more movies: "I grew up doing a lot of things, like acting in school, I did a lot entertainment programs, TV and stuff, but it is the first time I made a movie like this and it was really exciting. I would like to do more. "

Perhaps in future we may see in more movies but the truth is that singing well and can do that as actress Have Not much success (as They Said about Selena Gomez When She Began to Sing), anyway good luck to her.