Sunday, December 19, 2010

Photos: Vanessa Hudgens Birthday

The actress 'HSM', Vanessa Hudgens, has served 22 years on 14 December but was held yesterday at 'Pure Nightclub'. Vanessa spent the night celebrating with friends and enjoying a delicious cake.

“We’re fine “was the response of the actress when asked about Zac Efron, who incidentally did not attend 'Pure Nightclub'. Ashley Tisdale and Brittany Snow were among the guests for Vanessa to spend the night with her and thus celebrate his birthday.

Despite his break with Efron for Hudgens has been a good year and more relaxed: "I worked hard in 2009. I made two films, one after another, so this year we took it easy, I did a work that was fun, I made a movie and now the year is coming to an end before I know it. "

As for the next year, 2011: "It will be a year very, very busy," "I have three movies coming out next year, so I'm excited to see what the future I will celebrate."

That's it; here are the photos of his birthday at 'Pure Nightclub':