Friday, December 24, 2010

Natalie Portman and released back

The beautiful actress wore a very sexy scene "Your Highness". However, not all physical attributes that are appreciated originally belong.

Unfortunately for fans Natalie Publishers of the film, Which also involved the host of the next Awards Oscar, James Franco, decided to cover a little bit of well-formed 'derriere' of the actress, because he was considered very daring if left as it appeared in the original shot.

How could they think that? The Rear of Natalie looked good. "Bold? More daring is what they did to cover up this monument to beauty. I'm sure many raise their voices in protest against this dictatorial measure. I suggest you do not see the film until we return the rear Natalie to screen large. Does anyone support me?

All right. See the film. I also do it. Is that covered or uncovered just looks great.

“Your Highness” Is slated for release on April 8 next year. Do not miss it. The film either.