Friday, December 31, 2010

Lydia Hearst will play no Lindsay Lohan

A couple of days, the director of the film " Dogs in Pocketbooks "said the actress who represent the star of this film based mainly on the life of Lindsay , it would be Lydia Hearst . However, the actress herself has said he will not.

It was published in all media that Lydia Hearst was going to act in the film mentioned. Even some people, in whom I include myself, felt that Lydia could do a good job of playing a character much like the actress Lindsay Lohan . However, the producers of “Dogs in Pocketbooks "will have to start looking for a new candidate for the movie, because Hearst and went on to say that not one of its plans to participate in this film.

"Thanks for all your messages of support during my transition to become an actress. Really love and appreciate the gesture. At the moment I am not confirmed to participate in a project. Thank you, "she wrote Hearst on his Twitter account.

Then, for unbelievers, commented further: "Just to be clear, my hair is red because I'm the new face of Schwarzkopf dyes. I am a model. I dyed my hair as part of the campaign. "

Well, who will then be Lindsay in the upcoming movie? Very soon we will know, but we could take a couple of candidates.