Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lindsay Lohan: Betty Ford Fiesta

According to some reports, the actress invited a group of friends for the visit at the clinic where the process meets rehabilitation. They would not have had a better idea to organize a party with much alcohol.

Betty Ford became a full nightclub. The private room where Lindsay found, it is transformed into the VIP area. Lindsay and friends had fun in a big way in the clinic rehabilitation, as was supposed to be an innocent visit; it was a party where there was dancing, cigars and drinks. It’s also whole fun.

How did all this in Betty Ford? It is not known. But since the actress gave a special room to be "harassed" by a stranger, she has probably used to convert this room at home. At least that is what follows from what was read.

While the clinic staff did not find so blatant Lindsay drink, he did with all the other girls that were there. For that reason had to force them to leave the premises because their presence there represented a bad influence on the actress and returned to locate Lohan in the main Betty FordIn the area of the intensive care unit.

What went through the head Lindsay to do that? I do not know. But from now I will not believe any of his recovery.