Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Johnny Depp lends his voice chameleon

This actor seems to allow no pause themselves: No sooner is the last movie filmed begins work on a new animation strips. Johnny Depp (47) now lends an inattentive chameleon named Range and his voice is so from the 3rd to appear on the cinema of March.

The Nickelodeon film is about reptile Rango, to assert himself in a Western city against vicious bandits must and so with his duties of self-confidence to win.

In addition to the carefully written story gives Johnny the chameleon that certain something. In the interview he says of his role: "He's trying to figure out how and who he should be, like most of us."

Especially were the dubbing, because instead of sitting on his stool blunt and speak into his microphone, opted director and spokesman for the thing to breathe real life. Therefore, dance, jump and scream, the actors in many scenes in a real small set around too, so that the images actually look realistic, too.

"This is something I've never done before yet. Instead of moving images to record, we here on emotions and get the actors to give the characters feelings. "Says Depp of the exceptional work against Studio.

"There's just a bunch of adults a chance to be silly." How silly Mr. Depp has behaved in fact, you can see in the following clip and also learn a few words about the animated film.