Saturday, December 25, 2010

Jennifer Aniston: Divas airs! I just do not come too close...

Can our popular and seemingly approachable "Girls Next Door" actress really be such an intolerable bitch? According to insider reports, Jennifer Aniston should be on the set of her film "Wanderlust" behaved like a true diva. It was almost an unwritten law that no one was allowed to select their approach to 6 feet. For the reason she has surrounded herself with a ring of security guards, who accompanied them permanent. From the trailer to the set and vice versa!

Can it be that there is such a man take too seriously? Their spokesman has history of U.S.

Weekly directly again denied that, but ultimately it is this indeed paid and for "truths" is garaniert no salary bonus. Jennifer Aniston turns professional seen in a circle and added the next year, alongside a couple of comedies, but also her 3000te Liebeskomodie felt at the start. That her star should now be clear to even her, because in such shallow waters can be lost very quickly in Hollywood. Not unique but totally interchangeable!

Maybe Jennifer Aniston also so frustrated and costs last minutes of their "actors" being a diva from the, because I can not imagine that the next few years they have any serious role in getting deals. Of course you can also stop in the "Comedy sector" of water, but let's be honest, because it lacks the truly unique talent