Friday, December 24, 2010

Jake Gyllenhaal bracelet gives $ 100,000 to Taylor Swift

I love the bracelets, my friends every time they can give me some and I do but not very expensive compared to the bracelet that has given Jake Gyllenhaal to Taylor Swift .

I think Jake is actually quite in love with Taylor. I find another reason why have to give him a lot it's nice that the couple is so in love at least they have a good time in these holiday times.

"Jake spent $ 100,000 on a diamond bracelet for her. Is about 30 carats of colorless diamonds white gold.

We know that before had given her a guitar very expensive and then rented a theater to be alone with her. Is not it great? Is great for any girl have a boyfriend you a thousand gifts and thereby demonstrate that love her although they know that money does not buy the love .