Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy!

My face book post to Chris today:

"Happy Birthday to the best husband I could ever have. My wish for you is that you always look toward the future with the hope and excitement that we are feeling now; maybe the love and support that you so readily provide to others come back to you tenfold; may you always have laughter in your life. Thank you for the hope, love, and laughter you give us every day. I love you!"

I bet you couldn't have imagined that your 36th year would have been spent living with your mom and dad. But, here we are, and it is paving the way for many more wonderful years to come! I tried to get the kids to do something cute on video today, but it just wasn't happening! I knew right from the start of the day when we called to wish Chris a happy birthday and I was the only one singing that it was going to be like pulling teeth with them today. Song or no song, I love you, they love you and we are very excited to celebrate your birthday today!