Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ashley Benson: Jonathan Taylor Thomas was like my boyfriend

The actress from the series 'Pretty Little Liars' , Ashley Benson said some things about his role in the series and also about the handsome actor Jonathan Taylor Thomas .

Ashley says Hanna (his character in the series) is not dead, " Hanna is not dead. You definitely see a change of character in Hanna in the coming episodes.

She grows much of this whole experience and sees her and her mother before their situations financial . Then the triangle love . "

She and Jonathan Taylor Thomas : "I was in love with Jonathan Taylor Thomas . Every time you turn the screen was like my boyfriend . I was like a nerd "

She and her co-stars PLL: "Definitely, we ended up wearing the same clothes sometimes. Sometimes we all have the same coat and all have the same jeans or a dress. It’s Great fun. Therefore, we have the same kind of style, but each of us bring something different "

She dressed in Harry Potter . "I went to see the new movie on opening night and dresses. I thought to bring a coat, goggles and boots. I was like, why not? We were working very late and some of my friends Glee went and everyone was dressed so I did not like feeling out of place. It was fun! ".