Wednesday, December 29, 2010

ALF scandal: "A bunch of shit" Trevor Ochmonek aka John LaMotta tops that one!

What's going on now? Apparently, brains are in these cold holidays a couple of frozen, because otherwise you can not explain that a "video outtake" from ALF for such a huge scandal provides. He has the "N word" but not meant personally, and after over 20 years but one can almost speak of limitation.

But the Internet is sometimes a real bitch, because everything comes to light, and it simply forgets anything! Once at TMZ because even with the producers because of the "N-word" scandal, had spoken, they wanted to seek an opinion from John LaMotta yet.

The incident he was going to say anything, but to the series represents the "Trevor Ochmonek" actor is a very clear statement: "I found that the Alf series a bunch of crap ... is the worst thing I've ever done." Oh, oh, let not the time to hear Rachel Ochmonek. This statement is the real scandal for what the series is sure that he was obliged to play a proletarian? Okay somehow hangs together so well with the script, but it has forced him not to play along there. Alf is a cult, and here John LaMotta had better times held the door...