Tuesday, November 30, 2010


What we are really thankful for around here are antibiotics! Last week as we headed down to PA for Thanksgiving, both kids were hacking away in the back seat. Chris and I exchanged "this is great" looks, and crossed our fingers that we weren't up against more sickness. Jake had just gotten over a 3 day viral infection, and everyone had colds. Long story short, after coming back to CT after Thanksgiving, I got both kids into the doctor's yesterday morning, figuring they would tell me it was another viral infection that would go away within 24 hours. Boy was I wrong! After numerous calls to the doctor over the holiday, I am so glad I took both kids to be seen even though Samantha seemed to be on the mend. Both kids have pneumonia and ear infections! So, now we are on 10 days of antibiotics which has been really fun since Jake has decided to clamp his mouth shut and protest loudly. Pictures and updates of our Thanksgiving week are coming soon (hopefully).