Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Thanks! (for nothing)

This week has been a rough one in the nap department for Samantha. Every day has been a crying it out session of at least 15 minutes before she falls asleep, after which she is sleeping for maybe a half hour and the waking up crying again. Today there wasn't any sleeping after the crying. I had to go in to get her and I ended up bringing my computer into her room and telling her that I was going to do work and she had to lay down in her crib. We managed to get through a half hour like that. I got an email today from Baby Center titled 6 major sleep mistakes. I opened this right up hoping for some insight to our lack of napping that is occurring this week. I am pretty sure there is a correlation to the absence of ridey, but I am not taking any chances. The email also pointed to an article to figure out if your child is overtired. This little excerpt was not what I wanted to read.

Is he between nap stages? Kids often hit an overtired wall at around 18 months (when two naps are too many and one isn't enough) and again at 2 1/2 (when one nap is too many, but no nap is asking for trouble). If he's hitting this wall, there's not a lot you'll be able to do. Consider this another notch in your parental belt of "stages."

"There's not a lot you can do?" Seriously?? They couldn't have done better than that? I am hoping that a few blog readers will have a few tips on how to comfort Samantha if it is really the ridey she is missing, or how to help her to have quiet time by herself, if it might be that she is starting to let go of that afternoon nap. Today I did make up a little picture book with photos of her family and friends that she could look at when she is in her bed. I am hoping that will help to comfort her in the absence of her ridey.