Friday, October 29, 2010

Opportunity Knocks!

It was a long time ago that we first started thinking about moving to North Carolina. A colleague of Chris's was working this great position down there, and Chris couldn't wait to get on board because he's done a lot of work with this colleague. We are friends with his family, and they've always been really good to us. So, we waited and waited for the opportunity to come for Chris to be brought on board with the project, but the opportunity never came. Chris continued to travel other gigs and we continued to live here in CT with Chris' parents. 2 months ago when Chris's gig in Providence came to a close we decided that we needed to make a plan and make it now. We obviously couldn't live here forever, and the nature of the job allowed for us to live anywhere and Chris to keep working. So, we decided to take the plunge and move to NC even without the job offer that Chris was waiting for. He went ahead and took at 7 month contract in SC, and we figured we could always come back north if we really didn't like NC and if I felt like it was just not going to work out being there while Chris traveled. The time was now or never.
Last night Chris came home at midnight from a week away in SC. The first thing he said to me was "I need to talk to you...I got the job in NC!" He was holding this info all week so that he could tell me in person! HE GOT THE JOB IN NC!! He gave his 2 week notice to SC today, and luckily they were surprisingly cool about it and he gets to go back and finish up 2 weeks there and then start in NC on November 15th. Chris will be working for UNC-Chapel Hill. This is initially a 6 month consulting contract that has potential to go longer or even turn into full-time employment! This is truly an answer to a lot of people's prayers, and even though I had been excited about the move before, I am ecstatic now! Now we will all be able to move down together and actually stay there. We can all make our way in a new place together instead of me and the kids having to feel our own way around during the weeks. It makes me feel very confident and secure in our decision and I couldn't be happier! WE couldn't be happier!