Monday, October 18, 2010

Growth Spurt

Samantha went for her 2.5 year check-up today and we got confirmation that she did indeed go through a growth spurt in the past 6 months! All of her pants were getting short, she was actually fitting into 2t, and some 3t clothes! When I would pick Samantha up I thought how she is getting heavy. Between her 18 month month and 2 year check up she might have gained 1 pound. She had dropped from the 36th percentile in weight at 18 months to the 20th percentile at 2 years. Today we learned that in the past 6 months she gained a whopping 4 whole pounds and grew 3 inches! Here are all of her stats!

Weight: 28 pounds (42nd percentile)
Height: 3 feet! (57th percentile)

Our little girl is growing! Everything checked out fine. Samantha asked me on the way to the doctor if she was going to get a shot. I let her know that I did not know. So, when we got there I asked the nurse if she was going to get any shots. She said that she wasn't, so Samantha was happy. She was happy until the nurse came back a minute later to tell us that oops, there would actually be 1 shot. I think the anticipation of said shot was worse than the actual shot.
When Samantha got up from nap today she was crying and crying, so I brought her downstairs so that she wouldn't wake up Jake. She started saying how her shot hurt. She kept whining about it, so I gave her a dose of Motrin, thinking that is was possible that her leg really did hurt or that she was having some ill effects from the shot. She continued to complain so I asked if she wanted to put some ice on her leg. She said yes, so I got her some ice. She proceeded to put the ice on her knee (she had gotten the shot in her upper thigh. I think she might have been faking. At least she did put the ice on the correct leg!