Monday, September 13, 2010

Stats Update

Jake had his 15 month doctor's appointment today. He is definitely leveling out in the height and weight department. Just about a year ago Jake was at the 71st percentile for his weight at 18 pounds, and in the 60th percentile for his height at 26.75 inches. Now a year later and he weighs 24.5 pounds (50th percentile) and his 31 inches long (40th percentile). The one thing the doctor did say is that he does have a big head. I can't remember what the percentile was on that, but maybe somewhere in the 60th. Must be all those curls (I mean brains!) Samantha goes in next month for her 30 month appointment. At her two year she was 33 inches long and 24 pounds, so we'll see if she is still ahead of Jake in weight! Jake got a few immunizations, and both kids got their flu vaccines. No one was very happy about any of those. While Samantha was getting her flu shot, they had wanted to do an eye exam on Jake, but Chris said that didn't go over too well, so we'll have to try that again at the 18 month appointment. Jake is happy and healthy and got the clean bill of health!