Friday, September 3, 2010

Potty Talk

I've been putting off the toilet training because we aren't in our own house, it looked like maybe we'd be making a move at some point, and I just wasn't ready. That's right. I wasn't ready. I wasn't ready to be rushing to the potty every 20 minutes and having Jake following right behind because he needs to be right where the action is all of the time! We still aren't in our own house, we still might be making a move, and I am still not feeling like I am ready for this, but Samantha has made it loud and clear that she is ready. Two times this week she declared that she had to go poop and wanted to sit on the potty. And, both times she actually went poop! Now, in my experience with toilet training and from what I usually get pretty comfortable with the peeing, but then might have a little trouble going #2. Well, if Samantha wants to get the pooping out of the way first, I am game! So, looks like whether we like it or not, we are on the potty train. I think I'll do a little research and thinking this weekend and then come Monday, we will start! One thing is for certain; she seems to have caught on real quick to the fact that going on the potty = a treat! That might be our ticket to successful potty training! Bring on the pull-ups, and big girl undies!