Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I Can't Want To

Samantha: Are you cutting my ice cream sandwich?
Me: Yes, I am cutting it so that you can have half and Jake can have half. It's called sharing. You and Jake can share this ice cream.
Samantha: I can't want to share.

Me: Okay, it's time to get our shoes on so that we can go to the gym!
Samantha: I can't want to go to the gym.

Samantha: I want to watch TV.
Me: Samantha, you need to eat some rice before you can watch some TV.
Samantha: I can't want to eat my rice.

This can't want business is always in the appropriate context for don't want, but it seems she's mixed up her words a bit. I can't help but snicker every time she says I can't want something, which is very often these days. It's just so much more funny than is she was saying I don't want. This wording also applies to Jake often if he is protesting something Samantha says that he can't want to do whatever it is that his is not wanting to do.

These days Samantha is also very nosey, wanting to know what everyone is saying. If Chris and I are talking about something she will ask, "Daddy, what Mommy say you?" and vice-versa. She always wants to know who you are talking to on the phone, and what that person said. If we are talking directly to her, she will also ask "what you say me?"