Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Fair Weekend

This weekend we had a great time with the kids at the Guilford Town Fair. We had such a good time on Saturday that we went back again on Sunday! We weren't sure how the kids were going to feel about going on carnival rides, so we started out with one we could do together!

Once we got over the fear of one of the kids jumping ship from the ferris wheel, then we were actually able to have a really great time! This ride was the first solo ride for Samantha. It was a pretty fast ride so we were nervous that she'd start crying or want to get out before the ride ended, but she did great!

Today we also met Amanda, Ethan and Noah at the fair. Ethan and Samantha had fun riding a few rides together, but by the looks on their faces here, this one was pretty low on the excitement scale!
Somehow I ended up as the designated rider as there was no way we were going to put Jake on a ride by himself. We know that he would try to climb out of the cars! I think Chris probably would have had a hard time squeezing his legs into those tiny cars!