Friday, August 27, 2010

Was Your Name?

I am pretty sure that I wrote about this before, but here goes again; Samantha is so fascinated by every one's name. Anywhere we are, being the gym, grocery, or just out for a walk she wants to know every one's name that she comes in contact with. If she is off playing at the park, we often see her asking other kids "Was your name?" These days we can't even turn the pages in a book before she knows the name of every person in the book. I used to say "I don't know what her name is", but now I just have a list of names at the ready, or I ask her what she thinks that kid's name is. Samantha also thinks it's hilarious to speculate what some one's name is. People in books often take on names of her friends. Yesterday Samantha looked at me and said "is your name...soup can?" She thought that was the funniest thing ever! I told her to ask Chris if his name was soup can when he came in the house and Samantha was beside herself until he came in so that she could ask.
Not only is Samantha wanting to know what your first name is, but she wants to know you first, middle and last name, or as she says "what's your full name?" This is often met with funny looks from other kids at the park when Samantha is giving them the third degree to find out their full name!
Samantha is very curious and she is always asking questions. I don't know how we will ever manage when she enters the "why" stage because she is already asking a million and one questions!