Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sesame Place!

We headed to Pennsylvania this weekend to spend some time with Grandma and Grandpa and to check out Sesame Place! Thankfully the kids do pretty well in the car because we spent a lot of time driving in 4 days! After a fair warning from Aimee, we headed to Sesame Place on Friday to avoid the weekend crowds. We were so glad we went on Friday because it was full, but we really didn't have to wait for much of anything. We met our SuperMom friend Heather and her 3 girls Kyla, Delaney and Brynn at the park. Heather gets the SuperMom award of the year because she takes the 3 girls (all under age 5) to Sesame Place by herself. And she doesn't seem fazed! Chris and I were having a hard enough time keeping track of Sam and Jake and there were two of us! Heather has season passes to the park, so she was invaluable to us as she showed us the ropes of what to hit and what to avoid. Samantha had fun playing with all of the girls. We had a great day at the park, and it was HOT! So, we spent a lot of time in the water areas. Jake especially enjoyed Ernie's Waterworks with all of the sprinklers and waterwheels. Everyone had fun in the wave pools.

Excited for Sesame Place!

Jake cools off!

Daddy, Sam and Jake

Mommy and Kids

The Fam

I think that Samantha's favorite part was Ernie's Bouncebed (a large bouncy house type thing). I guess you could say that Ernie (and Heather) got the gold stars of the day!

Bouncing with Kyla

We only went on one "ride"; Big Bird's Balloon race, but the kids didn't seem too excited. They were too little to see out of the basket of the balloon, and just didn't seem to quite get it yet what the rides were all about. They enjoyed the water play and the things they could run around and bounce on much better!
We had nap times to contend with on Friday. Jake still takes a morning nap (we thought he's sleep on the way to Sesame, but of course he didn't sleep a wink) and both kids usually go down for an afternoon nap at 1). We powered through all naps and Jake did fall asleep and missed part of the character parade, but he did manage to catch some of it!

We had the opportunity to take photos with some of the characters, so we first got in line to have the kids photo taken with Zoe. Samantha was so excited to see Zoe until it was actually her turn and she did not want to be near her. So, we have a photo of the kids, Zoe, and Mom! We didn't bother to get in line for any other characters since we knew we'd see them in the parade. We had a great seat for the parade and Elmo and a few others came right up to us to say hi to Samantha but she immediately turned for cover and started crying. Maybe next year she'll be more excited about the big furry monsters!


Sesame Street stoop