Saturday, August 7, 2010


I had very few expectations coming to this conference mainly because I just had no idea what the experience was going to be like. I was hoping to meet a handful of other nice bloggers who I could follow online, and hopefully get some inspiration for blog writing. I certainly thought I would meet fellow mommybloggers. I am very fortunate to be here with 2 awesome ladies (Aimee and Ann). We keep circling back to a few main points in our conversations with each other about Blogher.
  1. There have been some really amazing blog writers here who are talented writers and actually write blogs to effect social change, or to bring awareness to important issues. What Aimee, Ann and I keep coming around to is the fact that in the grand scheme of things we aren't really doing much with our blogs. It is inspiring and daunting to think about doing something with our blogs to make a difference where it really matters.
  2. Does BlogHer=socially awkward? We have had more odd conversations with people or no conversations with people because our attempts at conversation were either just plain ignored or cut rudely short. There seems to be a stigma to being a "newbie". Sadly we often feel like people can't waste their time talking to us and that basic social guidelines for interactions are just ignored. Is this what happens when you bring people face to face who are used to interacting primarily online?
  3. The parties and swag have been great! At some point someone will take a photo of all the free stuff we have gotten from the gazillion sponsors. We went to two parties in the city over the last two nights, and last night at the Mouthy Housewives Party we even got a free LG Vacuum!
Here are a few photos that will show what else we have been up to!

Aimee and Ann

Aimee and Emily

Getting "shaved" by the Schick Intuition girls at the Kiss and Tell Party
where we heard a great performance by Gavin DeGraw!

Meet and Greets:
Bruce Jenner
Mrs. Potato Head
Dora the Explorer