Tuesday, August 31, 2010

15 Months!

Today Jake is 15 months old! The highlight this month is that we have words! Well, technically, Jake has words, but it feels like we've been waiting forever to hear him saying some words! In addition to Dada (first official word) and Mama, we now have cookie! What is it about those cookies? Jake also says bye-bye (with enthusiastic waving) and tank-oo (thank you). Jake is one the verge of many words; I often think, did I just hear that word? Some words that are in the works are shoe, mammo and ball. I just can't wait to hear how he says Sammy! Jake may not be expressing himself with lots of words yet, but he sure does have the receptive part of language down. He will go get his shoes if you ask him to bring them to you. I brought McDonald's home for lunch today as a post-zoo treat, and when I was getting lunch together on their plates Jake came running into the kitchen when I asked if he wanted some french fries!

What I loved about Samantha at this age was that she was so curious about her environment, and was just so into playing with toys, that it made entertaining her while taking care of a newborn that much more easy. Jake is the same way, but is into things in a little bit different way than Samantha was. It seems like every day we have to move something or put a cabinet lock somewhere because Jake has found a new way to explore!

We aren't quite yet seeing the light at the end of the bottle tunnel. Contemplating doing the cold turkey option with the bottles, but yet I keep giving Jake a bottle. It is awfully hot and I don't want him to get dehydrated! We did do away with the sleep sack over the weekend and so far it is working out pretty well. One night we went to check on Jake and he was sleeping on his blanket, but another night he actually was covered by it! What I will say about the sleep department is that I set my alarm for 6am this morning, hoping to wake up and take a shower before either child was up for the day. This morning my plan actually worked. I was showered and dressed before Jake woke up! That was today. I am smart enough to realize that might not happen again!