Saturday, July 31, 2010

Emily, Sarah, Heather and Moriah +9

It has been 11 years since I graduated from Wheelock College! Yesterday I was able to reunite with 3 friends from the field hockey team. After all those years that have passed things really have changed. Between the four of us we have 9 kids!
(top row l-r: me, Jake, Sarah, Heather, Piper, Moriah, Lucy; bottom l-r: Ryleigh, Caroline, Eva, Sammy, Elsa; William was taking the photo - and did a great job!)

Sarah came back to the East Coast for a visit, prompting a little reunion. Unfortunately not everyone that we would have liked to reunite with were able to make it, but it was a blast catching up with Sarah, Heather, and Moriah. Moriah was a very gracious host, not minding one bit that 9 kids were making a mess of her house, and providing lunch for all! We walked down the street to the local elementary school to the sprinkler park and playground. The kids were very excited to get slushy pops from the ice cream truck!
9 kids leaves a lot of room for craziness, but it was such a chill morning, and everyone played so well together, allowing us moms to catch up on all that has been going on since graduating college. Sarah commented that it must be a reflection of our parenting skills on just how well behaved all the kids were! Could it really be any other reason? Samantha enjoyed playing with the older kids, and Jake as always had no fear, toddling straight for the water sprayers, and loving every minute!
We had a very long day, driving up to Boston in the morning, and turning around to drive home again in the afternoon at nap time. Unfortunately the kids actually only slept for a half hour in the car. On the way to Boston Samantha declared that she was having fun in the car. This was not the case on the way home! It was a long day, but it was well worth the travel to catch up with old and forever friends!