Saturday, July 24, 2010

Blogging Royalty!

Today two of my blogging friends (Aimee and Ann - both of whom I am rooming with at Blogher '10 in 2 weeks) were featured in a newspaper article about Mommy Bloggers in CT! Congrats ladies!

When Aimee first asked me if I wanted to go to Blogher I said yes immediately and didn't even talk to Chris about it before I booked my ticket. I just assumed that he would be totally fine with keeping the kids by himself for a few nights! (Boy, do I sound like a need a vacation or what?) Blogging has been such a large part of my life over the past few years, connecting me with other moms and bloggers in a way I didn't imagine possible when we started our little blog to keep friends and family updated with the happenings of our growing family. I am really looking forward to this conference to meet some other bloggers in person and to hopefully take a few things away from the sessions and discussions. Aimee, Ann and I met up last week for a play date with our kids and to pow-wow about everything Blogher! We have hashed out a few important details like what we are going to wear and if we are going to bring business cards. Aimee and Ann now both have beautifully designed cards, and I hope to have a forthcoming post after my cards are designed!