Sunday, June 27, 2010

Beach Bound

When Samantha was an infant we traveled with her numerous times and I even flew with her a couple times by myself. When Jake came along we sort of nixed the idea of traveling with two babies. This summer we decided that we were ready to test the vacationing waters (literally). This weekend we headed to the beach for a long weekend. We had no idea what to expect staying in a hotel with the 2 kids, but I am very happy to report that we all had a great time, and I think that Chris and I would both say we even were able to relax. We stayed at a great family friendly place that had big open grassy areas and a playground. There was a heated pool, and we had a very short walk to get to the beach and ice cream stands! The hardest part was figuring out meals for the kids. We knew that we would be going out to dinner for two nights, and were actually very lucky to be able to order a local restaurant's meal to our room for one night. Because we were ordering between the early hours of 4-6 we even got our whole bill for 1/2 off! Can't beat that! Lunch time threw us off because we just weren't prepared with a plan for what we were going to feed the kids. There was this want to feed them something healthy, but the convenience of the fried food places all up and down the beach was very tempting. We managed to find some food of some sort of nutritional value for some of the meals, but we all managed to ingest our fair share of fries!

The heated pool and floaties were big hits all around!

We had a really hard time keeping Jake out of the mini fridge.
Luckily, ours was only stocked with milk, water and juice!

Everyone enjoyed the beach when they weren't touching the water!
Samantha did not like the water at all, but Jake didn't seem to mind the waves on his feet.
It was pretty cold!

Riding the carousel

Vacationing agrees with him!