Wednesday, June 30, 2010

13 Months!

Our little Jake is 13 months old today! The last month; the last week even, has been such a blossoming of development. Jake is officially a walker, more and more steady on his legs every day. He just can't get to things fast enough and wants to be involved with everything that Samantha is doing. He is interested in figuring things out. He seems to be understanding a lot of language. The other day we were saying to Samantha "close the door" and before she could close it, Jake was closing the door. Jake very much wants to express himself and it often is in the form of screeching and pointing at things. He is making a lot more sounds that actually sound like words, and he appears to know exactly what he is saying! Yesterday I took Jake out of his crib in the morning and gave him a kiss on his head. Next thing I knew he was leaning in to give me a kiss! Now of course all I can keep from doing is asking him to give me a kiss and he either leans his head in or he goes completely nutso and flails around. We are now at the stage of being able to either store or give to other babies some of our baby items. I finally put the exersaucer in the basement yesterday to join ranks with the swing and bouncy chair.
Here is a video featuring Jake's newest walking skills (requested especially by Gamma):