Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

This morning I woke up to Chris and Samantha coming into the bedroom and Samantha saying "Happy Moter's Day Mommy". Oh, so cute! It was quite windy and chilly here, but we did have a nice day helping our friend Ethan celebrate his 2nd birthday! Samantha and Jake are sleeping after all of the day's activity, and hopefully Samantha's little body is gradually coming down off her sugar high of party treats while she sleeps and that she'll be good as new in the morning!
I got the best news for Mother's Day (no, not that our condo has sold yet); Chris has been working in Providence 5 days a week, and he announced today that he will only be there Monday through Thursday for the rest of the contract (through the summer)! He will still work on Fridays, but will be able to do so from home! Music to my ears! It really is amazing what a difference it is when he travels 5 days instead of 4. When he travels 4 days, then he spends the majority of the nights in a week at home and it really does wonders for my sanity! So, he will go to work tomorrow and we will rest in the fact that we will see him on Thursday! Yippee!! I was also gifted these, which are the best lounge pants ever! Chris has had a pair for the past couple of years and they finally came out in them for women! Go Red Sox!