Wednesday, May 12, 2010

2 Going on 13!

Today I was searching for a music channel on the television and I was facing the TV with my back to Samantha who I thought had gone out of the TV room into either the kitchen or dining room. I called out "Samantha?" hoping to hear her call back to me so that I could tell where she was. Wasn't I shocked when I got a "I'm right here!" (attitude infused - as in right HEE - errr) in return. As I turned around she was still in the room, right behind me. Where does she get this stuff?

In other tidbits:
  • Jake is so very close to walking. Yesterday he bent down to crawl somewhere and thought better of it, standing back up at the last second. He also took about 4 steps to Papi as well. I am sure we will be posting some sort of "walking" video this weekend!
  • We have been in the sick ward for the past two days. On Monday night both kids woke up in the middle of the night and Jake had a fever of 101.6. He's been on Motrin (not the recalled ones) since and although he seems to be okay at times, the fever has been returning near the time for another dose of medicine. Samantha has a bad cough and both kids have runny noses. Everyone slept well last night, so I am hoping for a repeat tonight.
  • We are interviewing candidates for babysitters. We are tying to find someone who is available a few hour each week to give me a break when Chris is traveling. We had/have someone helping out a bit right now, but are looking for someone with more availability. I've interviewed 3 girls so far and it has been very interesting so far. I really liked the one we met today, but am meeting another person on Friday, so hopefully after Friday we can make a final decision!