Wednesday, March 31, 2010

10 Months!

Not quite sure what is going on with Jake's hair in this picture, but regardless, this handsome little boy is 10 months old! As you saw earlier this week, Jake is crawling, cruising and doing a bit of free standing. If there is something he wants that is off in the distance, just call him Speedy Gonzalez. We can no longer leave Samantha's snacks lying around on the coffee table because Jake will get them! He is very curious and wants to know what everything is.
Jake is forming more sounds, but no words yet. He like to make lots of noise, especially when he is riding in the car. Most recently Jake is realizing what it is like to scream. This has been lots of fun for me. Luckily Samantha hasn't really joined in on the fun when he screams. Jake screams mostly when I first put him in his high chair as if to say "you are not getting my food fast enough!" Jake still has 6 teeth, but I have a feeling a few more are not far away. He has started biting us when he puts his head down on our shoulders. We just can not believe that this energetic boy is getting so big already!