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Kate Beckinsale Hairstyles

Kate Beckinsale has the most absolutely stunning hair texture, often styled in a long flowing fashion, but also seen quite often with an array of updo hairstyles while gracing red carpet events.

Which is your favorite Kate Beckinsale hairstyle?

Her long her is beautiful and all, but i especially love her cute updo hairstyles, which really display her facial features more prominently.

Kate Beckinsale short hairstyle.
Kate Beckinsale long curly hairstyle.
Kate Beckinsale blonde highlight hairstyle.

Training Update

Chris and I are training for the 1/2 marathon on May 30th. We are in the midst of week 5 of training and have 8 more weeks to go. Up until this point I was feeling pretty good about running. This week I have found the runs to be more challenging. We are doing most of our running on the treadmill at this point, primarily due to weather, and also because it is very convenient to run at the gym while the kids are in the daycare. So far we've logged in 46 miles, and plan to run 146 more miles before race day! (yes, I actually did just look at our training calendar and count up all the hours) We've been running 3 shorter runs and one long run per week. This week our long run is 6 miles. Each week we will increase by 1 mile until we are up to 12 miles. That is the most we will run at once before the race. We've been sprinkling cross training into our program to balance out all the running we've been doing, so I've been lifting some weights. One thing I know for sure is that I have weak arms. You would think I would have super strong arms carting these kids around all day!
For those of you who want to support our racing endeavors monetarily, we are racing for the American Cancer Society. Over there on the left underneath our racing countdown you can click on the ACS logo to be re-directed to our fundraising page. We greatly appreciate any support, and hope to see many cheering on race day!

10 Months!

Not quite sure what is going on with Jake's hair in this picture, but regardless, this handsome little boy is 10 months old! As you saw earlier this week, Jake is crawling, cruising and doing a bit of free standing. If there is something he wants that is off in the distance, just call him Speedy Gonzalez. We can no longer leave Samantha's snacks lying around on the coffee table because Jake will get them! He is very curious and wants to know what everything is.
Jake is forming more sounds, but no words yet. He like to make lots of noise, especially when he is riding in the car. Most recently Jake is realizing what it is like to scream. This has been lots of fun for me. Luckily Samantha hasn't really joined in on the fun when he screams. Jake screams mostly when I first put him in his high chair as if to say "you are not getting my food fast enough!" Jake still has 6 teeth, but I have a feeling a few more are not far away. He has started biting us when he puts his head down on our shoulders. We just can not believe that this energetic boy is getting so big already!

Sleep? What Sleep?

You know it all too well. Once you entered parenthood, somehow "sleep" stopped being a part of your vocabulary. Even when the little critters are already in dreamland, your momma instincts keep you alert for any sound or movement. This is especially true if you have babies! And you find yourself missing what it felt like to be in a truly deep slumber.

Fret not! There is still hope! You may not be able to get back into worry-free sleep, but there are still ways that you can help yourself deal with sleep deprivation. clues you in:

The Tired Moms' Guide to Better Sleep

1. Bright lights at night

Few things are more inviting than a home that glows cheerfully on a dark night, but switching on high-wattage lights after sundown can make it harder for you to fall asleep.

In fact, anything brighter than a 15-watt bulb may have an effect on your ability to rest, says Clete Kushida, M.D., Ph.D., director of Stanford University's sleep-research center. That's because, while darkness causes our brains to secrete melatonin—a hormone that makes us feel sleepy—light does just the opposite. It causes the brain to stop making melatonin, and that's the body's signal to wake up.

To wind down faster, lower the light level an hour or two before bedtime. And if you need to get up in the middle of the night to check on your child or because you just can't sleep, use a dim night-light that you can turn on and off.

2. Checking e-mail before bed

How could such quiet activity interfere with your sleep? "Using the computer or doing work is daytime activity," says Joyce Walsleben, Ph.D., director of the Sleep Disorders Center at New York University School of Medicine, in New York City.

Getting immersed in such tasks right before bedtime will only rev you up, and your body can't instantly switch gears. If you have the space, keep the computer and home-office equipment out of the bedroom so you'll be less likely to associate your bedroom with work. And avoid other stimulating activity close to bedtime—such as watching disturbing TV news, reading a thriller, or discussing a big issue with your spouse. These can also lower your chances for a good night's sleep.

3. Java in the afternoon

You already know not to drink a cup of coffee late at night, but caffeine consumed any time after midday can do a number on your body. And be aware that tea, carbonated sodas (not just colas-orange drinks and other sodas can be culprits too), coffee ice cream, and even decaf coffee may all contain enough of a jolt to keep you awake. Chocolate has only a small amount of caffeine but contains several other stimulants.

You don't need to go completely decaf—is there a mom out there who can do without her morning latte? But if you have trouble falling asleep sometimes, then keep caffeine to a minimum after noon.

You can find the rest of the tips here!

How are you dealing with sleeplessness so far? What tips can you share? On average, how many hours of sleep do you get? Does hubby pitch in with baby duty?


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kate Moss Hairstyles

Kate Moss is a woman who is never short on hairstyles, all of which are typically of the long flowing variety, often with beautiful blonde highlights.

Get a load of this picture gallery of Kate Moss's various lovely hairstyles.

Kate Moss brunette hair.
Bleach blonde hair.
Kate Moss bob with bangs hairstyle.
Kate Moss white hairstyle.

Fab Tips from a Fab Mom

When it comes to being fabulous, very few women come close to Kimora Lee Simmons. She is so fabulous in fact, that she even coined a term to describe the art of being fab like her: FABULOSITY.

But before I get busted by the Grammar Police, this post isn't just about her--ermmm--fabulosity. It's about how she can be her larger-than-life self and still be a loving mother to her little girls.

Well, wonder no further because she has revealed her top 10 parenting tips recently at!

Kimora's Top 10 Parenting Tips

1. Happiness Is Inside: Great shoes or handbags can make you feel fabulous but only temporarily. It's fun to look cute, but I teach my girls that bliss from material goodies will fade like a candy high if they lack substance underneath all the sparkle and shine.

2. Live Generously: My girls and I regularly go through their rooms to find clothes and toys to donate to charities. I firmly believe that children who have been given so much need to experience the joy that comes from giving. All children can do things to help, whether how big or small—by donating toys or lending a hand in the community.

3. Expose Children to Different Cultures, Places and People: Even if you can't afford to travel the world, you can take your children to the museum, zoo or local park. And don't be afraid to take them to grownup spots. Eating out in a restaurant teaches children how to be quiet and polite—and gives them the pleasure of knowing you trust them to behave.

4. Make Time for Fun: I encourage my children to try new things—dance, tennis, soccer, you name it, I want them to try it. But I don't want them to feel like they have to take every class just to please me. Kids need time to be kids! My recipe for good parenting includes a healthy dose of discipline and a lot of love.

5. Embrace Uniqueness: Don't try to blend in with all the other moms—it's OK to stand out from the crowd and be yourself. The best way to teach children to resist peer pressure is to resist it yourself.

For the rest of her fab tips, you can read the original article here!

Image from


If you were to make your own list of tips, what would you include? How do you make yourself feel fabulous?


Tuesday Thoughts

It is only Tuesday. And a rainy one at that. And Monday was rainy as well. I keep telling myself that I can deal with two crazy rainy days in a row because the next several days are supposed to be gorgeous! Days of the week take on a whole knew meaning when Chris is traveling. It's a completely mental game getting through 5 days and 4 nights without him here. Tuesday always seems to be the longest.
Last night when putting Samantha in her crib for the night I noticed that her fish toy needed new batteries. I told her I'd take the toy downstairs to replace the batteries and that I would bring it right back upstairs for her. After replacing the batteries I hung the toy back on her crib and pushed the button that starts the lights and music. Upon seeing that the toy was fixed, Samantha excitedly declares "It's working; YEAH MOMMY!" This was said while raising her arms and fists up into the air!
Jake has decided that he no longer wants any part of baby cereal and pureed fruits and veggies. He is done! So, we are going back to a little bit more formula while he learns how to eat a few more solid foods. He is doing pretty well with peas, apples, pears and anything crunchy. Today I tried spreading some of the pureed veggies onto ritz crackers and he still ate it! To take a quote from Samantha "My fooling you Jake!"

Monday, March 29, 2010

Nigeria Films and the Image of Nigeria

For many years, the image of Nigeria has been a soiled one. The people are misunderstood, and the image stands firm. The image has been built throughout the years, and culture and history has combined as powerful forces to form the image of Nigeria. The rest of the world thinks of this country as poor, illiterate, and slow in advancement. 

This is unfortunate because this image is mainly formed by stereotypical perceptions of the population in the country. In other words, it’s due to a lack of understanding for the people residing in Nigeria. People outside of this country do not truly understand the culture, and this leads to misconceptions. The people of this country understand that it’s going to take a lot of time and resources to help reshape the image that has taken root throughout the years. For this reason, they turn to popular culture – educating through movies and films.
Films are one of the fastest way to communicate important messages across the globe. Because they are created to entertain, they often attract huge crowds. A well made, award winning film can attract a lot of attention from the media. They are showcased in film festivals, and people from other nations can exchange ideas and appreciate the works of others. Through this manner, perceptions of each and every culture starts to change. From the films, there is an exchange of information – information about one culture with another. 

Such information is conveyed through films in two different manners – the graphic images, and the music. Music, as everyone knows, is universal. By listening to the sounds in the films, the audience gets a good understanding of the feelings of the characters within the film. Thus, in a non-verbal manner, they are able to understand the emotions of the people belonging to a certain culture. 

Graphic images are more straight forward. They convey messages of what is appropriate and what is inappropriate. Nigerian films are starting to portray the lives of the young living in their country. Such films provide insight as to what is happening within the country. The cities are starting to flourish, and many of the young and able are moving into the cities for a higher quality of life. The lives of these young people provide rich content for the films. 

The movies show that Nigeria is no longer a country that is lacking behind, and slow in advancing. Due to the evolution of technology, the young has become more and more tech savvy. Harnessing the power of technology, many has been able to make progress in leaps and bounds with their careers. It is a sure sign that the country is thriving.
The active movie industry is another indication that the country is doing well. More and more talented artists are coming forward to become directors, actors and actresses. Armed with great story lines, they have been known to shoot high quality movies even with a limited budget. It just shows how resourceful and creative the young citizens of Nigeria can be. The future looks brighter than ever. 

Adetola Banbe is the owner of a site that deals in Nigeria Movies and Nigeria Films website.

Yoruba Movies - The Growing popularity of West African Yoruba Movies

The Rise of West African Movies and Popularity 

What makes African movies and especially Yoruba Movies as well as Nollywood movies so popular is the story. Nigerian Yoruba Movies are very popular outside of Africa in countries in Western Europe as well as the US and the Caribbean. African movies are now making headlines and moves beyond its origin continent and are growing in popularity daily.
Nollywood is currently just behind Hollywood and Bollywood as the biggest movie distributors in the world. African movies are gaining attention worldwide with films from Western African countries such as Ghana and Nigeria being sold alongside Hollywood’s finest productions. Anyone who does not appreciate these movies if missing out on great African movie culture.

In African it is in the daytime that Yoruba Movies are at their most popular as they are preferred by a more female audience. They are now earning International attention despite the majority of these movies taking and comedic theme and their somewhat low production in comparison with movies you may find in Hollywood. Most of Africa’s movies are formed in Nigeria and Yoruba Movies are amongst the most popular. Not only did they spread beyond Western African the Africa as a whole but they have spread worldwide. Nigeria, Togo and Ghana lead the charge in the popularity of African movies. In one of only a handful of cinemas in Nigeria, a cinema in Lagos screen Yoruba Movies alongside Hollywood blockbusters.

Fox Series 24 Officially Cancelled

FOX has just announced that 24 is officially canceled and that this current season will be its final season. The season finale will air as a special two hour episode on Monday, May 24 2010 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT).


In a joint decision made by 24's star and executive producer Kiefer Sutherland, executive producer and showrunner Howard Gordon, Twentieth Century Fox Television, Imagine Entertainment and Fox Broadcasting Company, it was determined that the acclaimed series will end its remarkable eight-season run. Jack Bauer's last day on FOX will conclude when the final two hours of "Day Eight" air Monday, May 24 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT). As the countdown to the series' climactic conclusion races on, the final 11 hours will air uninterrupted Mondays (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.
Multiple award-winning series star Kiefer Sutherland reflected on the show's run: "This has been the role of a lifetime, and I will never be able to fully express my appreciation to everyone who made it possible. While the end of the series is bittersweet, we always wanted 24 to finish on a high note, so the decision to make the eighth season our last was one we all agreed upon. This feels like the culmination of all our efforts from the writers to the actors to our fantastic crew and everyone at Fox. Looking ahead to the future, Howard Gordon and I are excited about the opportunity to create the feature film version of 24. But when all is said and done, it is the loyal worldwide fan base that made it possible for me to have the experience of playing the role of Jack Bauer, and for that I am eternally grateful."
Executive producer and showrunner Howard Gordon said, "Kiefer and I have loved every minute of making 24, but we all believe that now is the right time to call it a day. I echo his sentiments of gratitude toward the show's amazing creative team, as well as the studio and network who have always believed in us and shown us unbelievable support."
"24 is so much more than just a TV show - it has redefined the drama genre and created one of the most admired action icons in television history," said Peter Rice, Chairman, Entertainment, Fox Networks Group. Kevin Reilly, President, Entertainment, Fox Broadcasting Company added, "We are extremely proud of this groundbreaking series and will be forever thankful to Kiefer, the producers, the cast and crew for everything they've put into 24 over the years. It's truly been an amazing and unforgettable eight days."
"We are so grateful to Kiefer and Howard who have really poured their hearts and souls into making this show over the past eight seasons," commented Gary Newman and Dana Walden, Chairmen, Twentieth Century Fox Television. "To everyone who contributed to this iconic series over its amazing run, we want to extend our heartfelt appreciation for your incredible work."
Added Imagine Entertainment's Brian Grazer, "I'm so proud to have been a part of 24, which has become such a cultural phenomenon. And to Kiefer and Howard and everyone who has worked on the show, many thanks."
Now in its eighth season with Kiefer Sutherland starring as the heroic Jack Bauer, the inventive and suspenseful 24 has been nominated for a total of 68 Emmy Awards, winning for Outstanding Drama Series in 2006. Over the course of seven seasons, Sutherland garnered seven Emmy nominations and one win for Outstanding Lead Actor - Drama Series. While the series gained global recognition, Sutherland's portrayal of the legendary character penetrated the American psyche like no other dramatic television character to become part of the English lexicon.
Premiering November 6, 2001, 24 employed a pioneering split-screen, fast-paced format with complex interweaving storylines as viewers followed anti-terrorism agent Jack Bauer through 24 pulse-pounding episodes, each covering one hour and presented in real time. Subsequent seasons combined the show's unique and trend-setting format while delivering compelling new elements and attracting talented actors and guest stars, including the Emmy Award-winning Cherry Jones (President Allison Taylor). The series also currently stars Mary Lynn Rajskub (Chloe O'Brian), Anil Kapoor (Omar Hassan), Annie Wersching (Renee Walker), Katee Sackhoff (Dana Walsh), Mykelti Williamson (Brian Hastings), Freddie Prinze Jr. (Cole Ortiz), Chris Diamantopoulos (Rob Weiss) and John Boyd (Arlo Glass).
The first six seasons were set in Los Angeles, and following the strike-induced delay of Season Seven, "24: Redemption," a two-hour film bridging Seasons Six and Seven, was set in Africa. Washington , D.C. was the setting for Season Seven, and the final season of 24 finds Jack Bauer thwarting a terrorist attack in New York .
At the conclusion of Season Eight, 24 will have a produced a total of 194 episodes (including "24: Redemption"), making it one of the longest-running action television shows in history.
Tune in Monday, March 29 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) for the next all-new installment of 24 and Monday, April 5 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) for a special two-hour episode.
Created by Joel Surnow and Robert Cochran, 24 is a production of 20th Century Fox Television and Imagine Television in association with Teakwood Lane Productions. Howard Gordon, Evan Katz, David Fury, Manny Coto, Brannon Braga, Brad Turner, Alex Gansa, Kiefer Sutherland and Brian Grazer are executive producers, while Chip Johannessen and Patrick Harbinson serve as co-executive producers. Brad Turner will direct the series finale.

Sandra Bullock heads home for divorce shoot-out with Jesse James

Now that Jesse James' alleged mistress count is up to four, a source close to Sandra Bullock told Popeater that the actress has come back to California (after going into hiding in Texas) so she can set her divorce in motion.

"It's over," the friend told gossip website Popeater. "After everything that has happened, it is impossible for them to get back together, even though I'm sure she still loves the man she thought he was."
According to Radar Online, the recent Oscar winner has moved back into the Hollywood Hills mansion she lived in before her marriage.

"Sandra has returned home to face the problem head-on. She isn't the sort of woman to bury her head in the sand and hope everything will go away," another Bullock insider said. "As painful as this is going to be, expect Sandra to cut out the cancer very soon."
Meanwhile, the father of alleged mistress No. 1, Michelle McGee, is defending her choice in men, telling Us Weekly that his daughter believed James and Bullock were separated.
"(James said), 'They have a thing now where they kind of live apart and she's on the scene for movies in stuff, and I'm here in San Diego,'" Denny McGee told Us Weekly, adding that his daughter only found out the truth when she saw the couple together at the Academy Awards. "She was under the impression they weren't seeing each other. She felt like she was going to have a relationship and this happened and she was mad."

Mad enough to seek a $30,000 US payday for her story, apparently. But aside from that, and despite those pesky Nazi-themed photographs, Denny insists his daughter is neither anti-Semitic nor a homewrecker.
"She's always been a great kid and a good mom to her kids. She's just a little bit different with the tattoos and stuff," he said. "The truth of the matter is, going into this whole thing with Jesse James, Michelle was single, and she was under the assumption that Jesse was single. As far as I'm concerned, they were two single people going out with each other, and there's nothing wrong with that."

Gadhafi: Nigeria should split along ethnic lines

Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi suggested Monday that Nigeria be split along ethnic lines, like Yugoslavia, into several mini-states as a way of resolving violence in Africa's most populous nation.
Gadhafi drew Nigeria's anger last week by saying the oil-rich nation should be divided into Muslim and Christian nations along the model of the 1947 partitioning of the Indian subcontinent, which led to the independence of India and Pakistan.
In those comments, he told a group of African student leaders in Tripoli that the violence in Nigeria was symptomatic of a "deep-rooted conflict of a religious nature" and required a radical solution.

On Monday, Gadhafi said that wasn't radical enough.
"Actually, the problem of Nigeria won't be solved by dividing it into two Muslim and Christian states. There are other people who, regardless of their religion, also demand independence," Libya's official JANA news agency quoted Gadhafi as saying.

"Therefore, what fits Nigeria in this case is Yugoslavia," he said.
From: AP News

Nigerian Senate vets cabinet nominees

Nigeria's Senate on Monday started screening potential ministers picked by Acting President Goodluck Jonathan who recently sacked an entire cabinet in a move seen to signal his quest for change.

Senate speaker David Mark read out five more names adding to the first list of 33 he submitted by Jonathan last week.
The Senate was planning to comb through a partial list of 14 nominees out of 38 sent in following months of political paralysis in the African oil giant, according to an official Senate agenda.
The exercise is expected to last several days.

I hope they come up with something good for us all...

Best-Kept Hair Secrets

Putting your best foot forward is all well and good. But then once you have it forward, you'll have to make sure that the rest of you is at its best too!

One of the first things that people notice is hair. Whether you have stick straight or crazy curly or somewhere-in-between hair, here are the best-kept secret tips for improving your hair from MSN Lifestyle (get ready to take notes, there's 33 of them):

The 33 Best-Kept Hair Secrets

To create volume...
Mist your roots at the crown of your head with a volumizing spray when your hair is dry. Then blow-dry the section of the hair in the opposite direction that it normally falls while using your fingers or a brush to lift the roots up and over. Once dry, flip the hair over and gently smooth it out with a brush. You can do this on small sections around your entire head for even more major results.

For sleek and shiny hair...
Apply a lightweight leave-in conditioner on damp hair before drying. For medium to thick hair, apply a bit of styling cream to keep strands smooth. Use a flat brush to go underneath your hair and keep the dryer aimed downward. When the section of hair is almost dry, switch to a round brush so that you have some bend at the ends. If it's humid outside, mist your hair with a protective styling spray and run a flatiron from your ears down.

For beachy waves...

Start with towel-dried hair and apply any kind of volumizing product to your roots. Put a quarter-sized amount of styling cream on your ends, working in small sections for even coverage. Take a small section of your hair and twirl downward, repeating all over your head. Blow-dry by pointing the dryer down toward your head a few inches away from hair, twirling sections around your finger. When you are finished twisting each section, scrunch your hair while blow-drying to amp up the volume and texture. For a more defined look, wrap sections of hair around a medium-sized curling iron.

For a faux bob...
Make a low, loose ponytail. Tuck the tail under and secure with hairpins. Let your face-framing pieces hang loose and curl with a smaller-sized curling iron. VoilĂ ! Short hair, no cutting required.

Read the rest of the tips here (includes loads of helpful tips, like what to do when you're growing out short bangs!)

Of course, there will be days when you'll feel the need to look extra special. So add flair to your hair by topping it with lovely hair accessories!

If you think No Slippy Hair Clippys are only for little girls, think again! You're missing out on our line of sophisticated styles for women! Still with our signature non-slip feature, these "grown-up" clippys are available in Pinch Clip (for wispy hair) and French Clip (for thick hair).

So play it up a little and don't be afraid to accessorize with hairclips that bring out that sweet little girl in you (but with a sophisticated flair!). More hair clips at headbands at out site!

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My Rescue

It's amazing that the King of kings of Lord of lords would take the time to listen to me when I call out to Him. And it's even more amazing that He would run to my rescue, even when I fool myself into thinking that I can make it on my own. Yet, He has always proven Himself faithful and He has rescued me many times over.

Whenever I need rescuing, He reminds me of a different 911--- Psalm 91:1. When the world proves too much, He welcomes me into His arms and gives me rest.

I have entered this inspiring photo in both Blue Monday and Word-Filled Wednesday. Have a meaningful week, everyone!


From the Archives

I discovered this video of Samantha and Avery on Christmas morning.
Just had to share!

Visiting Gamma and Gampa!

We had a great week this past week at my parents house. Chris and I drove down last weekend, and it just happened that this past week was his first week at his new job, so after driving us down on Saturday, we dropped him off at the train station on Sunday so that he could come back to head to his first week of work! I would have driven down by myself, but somehow making a 4.5 hour drive by myself with two babies, just didn't sound like a good time! We had some beautiful weather that got us outside without having to wear our coats! We spent a rainy day inside at Tumble Town, and got to visit with my grandparents (Gamma Effie and Gampa James). I was also very happy to spend a little bit of time with my high school friend Beth and her daughter Anna.
It has been several months since Chris traveled from home for work, since his last contract ended with him working from home. Samantha's level of comprehension has been amazing. Nearly every night when she would talk on the phone with Chris, her conversation would go something like this: "Love you Daddy, miss you, come home daddy, come home!" Jake is not yet at a point where he really understands what is going on, but he does seem to enjoy "talking" on the phone to Daddy.
Gampa drove back home with us yesterday and then took the train back home this morning. Chris was glad to not have to do that leg of the traveling. Samantha and Jake were very happy to be back with their Daddy as well as Mammo and Papi!

Here is Jake helping to load the dishwasher:

Samantha goes through the tunnel at the park:

Jake, Gamma, and Sammy

Reading with Gamma Effie and Gampa James:

Climbing at Tumble Town:

Jake gets a kick out of the ball pit:

Jake gets around Tumble Town:

This bridge was a big hit:

All smiles for parks and beautiful weather!

Baby Noah

We made a visit to the hospital today to meet baby Noah and check up to see how Amanda and Chris were doing. Noah is very cute, and looks a lot like Ethan when he was a baby. Chris and Amanda have been saying that they hope Jake has been sending the baby his chill vibes, and so far so good because Noah made hardly a peep while we were there! I was holding him and asked Chris if he wanted to hold him. He hesitated and said, "I do, but I am afraid if I do I will want another one!" At this point I could have given him right back to his mother, but Chris did hold Noah. I guess only time will tell. :)

The little man of the hour:
Noah and Chris
Noah and Emily

Wedneday, March 31st

On Wednesday night we'll be screening the documentary, Still Bill about the legendary Bill Withers. We're really looking forward to it. DJ Toby will be playing some Soul classics after the film. Showing at 9:30pm sharp. T'is free. Come on by.

Monday, March 29th!

Awesome shredders coming through from Florida (Yay, Tubers!) and San Francisco (Yay, Street Eaters!). Come see these punks do their surf punk slip on jams!

Jake on the Up and Up!

I spent this past week at my parents house where Jake was just moving and cruising all over the place. I shot these two videos of him climbing up their stairs. He has been standing and cruising all over furniture, and doing some free standing. He'll be turning 10 months this week, and I have a feeling we might be seeing some walking out of him in this next month!

The open stairs make for lots of laughs!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Welcome Noah!

We are all so excited to welcome Noah into the blogging clan, and can't wait to meet him! Congrats to Amanda, Christian, and big brother Ethan!

Everyone wants to smell like Beyonce

Beyonce Knowles at the groundbreaking ceremony for The Barclays Center at Atlantic Yards in New York 

Incredibly, Beyonce's new perfume "Heat" is not a miserable failure. It's had sales of $3 million+ since it's launch last month. From Yahoo!:
Singer Beyonce Knowles has had a whiff of the sweet smell of success - $3 million worth of her Beyonce Heat fragrance has been sold since its launch last month.

The perfume hit the US departmental store Macy's in Feburary. reports that fans clamored to purchase the fragrance, which features 'notes of red vanilla orchid, magnolia, neroli and blush peach', and it quickly became America's top-selling beauty counter product.

The fragrance's popularity continues to soar - Macy's CEO Terry Lungren has revealed sales have reached a staggering $3 million in its first few weeks of release.
Celebrity perfumes have to be the dumbest thing out there. Neroli? What the fuck is neroli? Beyonce can't even spell neroli. She didn't develop this. You really want to smell like Beyonce? Fill a kiddie pool with $50k or so in large bills. And then just roll around in it. Or if you want to smell like Lindsay Lohan, fill that same kiddie pool with unpaid credit card bills and "past due" notices.

From: Celebslam

Sandra Bullock says she wouldn't have spared Tiger Woods

New York, March 27 (IANS) This year's Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock, who walked out on husband Jesse James two weeks ago after his philandering ways came to light, says she would have given Tiger Woods a tough time if she were in his wife's place.

The remarks by the 45-year-old actress were made in January - much before she won the Oscar and her husband's infidelities came to light - to 'The Insider' magazine at People's Choice Awards but revealed this week.

In the audio Bullock says that had she been in the place of Tiger Woods' wife she would have not stopped using the golf club against the philandering golfer.

Woods' wife Elin Nordegren had reportedly hit him with a golf club on the night he crashed his car into a fire hydrant outside their Florida home in November. The accident led to revelations about his multiple affairs.

"If I were Elin... man, I would have hit a lot more than she did... I would have kept hitting!

"Yeah, she (Elin) stopped. She was respectable. I'd get the baseball bat.

I'd get everything out.''

Bullock had no clues about her own husband's infidelities when she made these remarks.

Her marital life collapsed immediately after her Oscar victory, with porn star Michelle McGee claiming that she had an 11-month affair with Bullock's husband Jesse James.

After the porn star's claim, three more mistresses, including a stripper and a fetish model, have claimed sex with Jesse James.

"She's devastated. She's beyond upset. And she has every right to be. She was on top of the world with her Oscar victory and now this. It's such a difficult thing to deal with,'' reported radaronline Friday.

"She (Bullock) has a tight circle of friends. They won't say much about her. They want to protect her. And that's because she's been nice to everyone along the way. She's not stuck up. She doesn't act like a star. She acts like a normal, sweet person, which is exactly what she is. And that's why everyone is so loyal to her,'' the celebrity website says. 

Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Trends You Already Own

Each season is an opportunity to play around with your style. Now that Spring is here, it's time for a fling with fashion once again!

Spring fashion is all about being feminine and sophisticated, yet also bold and fierce. It’s the time to be in full bloom, after all, with a refreshed style that breaks out of winter’s drabber colors. This season, the color palette is bursting with brights and pastels. It’s all about being youthful and fresh.

But you don't have to spend on a whole new wardrobe just for the season. Spring's blooming trends might already be hiding in your closet! Super fun fashion blog gives you a rundown of 20 trends you already own that could not be any hotter this season:

1. Statement Necklace - One trend we're thrilled to see continue is the statement necklace. Ubiquitous for the past few seasons, it's the quickest way to make your outfit pop.

2. Boyfriend Blazer - Last season's must-buy, the boyfriend blazer, still looks fresh layered over dresses and skirts, or paired with jeans and shorts.

3. Belts - Thick or thin, belts continue their run as an important accessory, instantly transforming virtually anything in your wardrobe. Wear yours to cinch cardigans, jackets, t-shirts, blouses, dresses and more.

4. Florals - A top trend for more than 4 years in a row (2010, 2009, 2008, 2007), florals always look fresh.

5. Ruffles - Another trend that has been hot for several seasons (fall 2009, spring 2009), there's no need to put away your ruffled pieces just yet.

6. Trench Coat - The one piece on every Top 10 list year after year is the trench coat. Hopefully you've got at least one in your closet, bonus points if it's in a bright color. Don't own a trench? Get one - now.

7. Bangles - Cuffs may be the big trend for wrists this season, but it's still chic to pile on your chunky bangles.

8. Grecian or Gladiator Flats - In 2008, we predicted gladiator sandals would be a one-season trend, boy were we wrong! For the third year in a row, Grecian flat sandals are a summer footwear favorite (including ours).

9. Hobo Bag - You likely have a slouchy bag in your closet from seasons past and, thankfully, it's still in style.

10. Cargo Pants - A staple of your casual wardrobe for several years, the military-inspired pant looks fresh again this season. Wear yours with pretty printed tops and heels or wedges for a fresh look.

11. Denim Skirt - Whether mini or pencil, it's time to dust off your old denim skirt. Bonus points if it's a medium blue color a la Stella McCartney's spring collection.

12. Wedges - A mainstay of spring wardrobes for several seasons now, you likely own a pair or two, lucky you!

13. Skinny Jeans & Boyfriend Jeans - Both denim silhouettes are still favorites this season.

14. Turquoise Jewelry - Every few years, turquoise jewelry regains its must-have status proving to be a wise investment for your collection. Odds are you've got at least a piece or two in your jewelry box.

15. Nautical Striped Top - Timeless navy and white or red and white striped tops are suddenly trendy again.

Te read the rest of the trends, including some so-lucky-to-have items, visit stylebakery here!

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Friday Follow!

It's Friday once again and that means it's time to follow some people around! Not in a stalker-ish way, of course... Unless that kind of attention flatters you *scary!*

This week's sponsor is Tooth Soap!

They are running a contest where you can win fantabulous cash prizes, so be sure to check out any of our carnival hosts: Rita @One 2 Try, Tami @Hearts Make Families, and Lynn @ Midday Escapades for more details!

You can also visit them if you just wish to participate in the Friday following frenzy ;o) It's a great way to meet new friends. In fact, I invite you to be my friend! If you're following me, please do leave a comment so I can follow you back.

Have a sparkly Friday, everyone!


Now on to the links... (these ladies are faaaaaaaast!)

MckLinky Blog Hop

Five Question Friday!

1. Did you pass your driver's test on the first try?
I haven't even taken it yet! But after a few panic attacks, I really think I could...

2. What is your most embarrassing moment?
Hmmm... Not that I'm too shy to share, but I honestly HONESTLY don't remember the last time I was embarrassed. I tend to laugh at myself a lot, even when I mess stuff up and people laugh at me. If that is normal, I do not know...

3. What TV show would you like to be on- Oprah, Biggest Loser, or What Not to Wear?
Oh Oprah, definitely. Whoever gets on her show gets an instant ticket to stardom!!!

Kidding aside, I think it will be interesting for someone as influential as her to ask little ole me about my little ole life.

4. Would you ever get plastic surgery and what kind?
I am irrationally afraid of doctors. I really am. Even getting shots is a HUGE issue for me.

So having my body cut up and sewn up would be plain traumatizing. I know I'll be unconscious during the whole process, but just knowing that that is what's going to be done to me might be enough to drive me to a self-induced coma.

5. What are your favorite jeans to wear?

Basic straight cut. Preferably in dark hues.

I've made the mistake of following trends before. I used to buy stuff that were in-vogue at the moment and then months later, ended up with tons of clothes too embarrassing to be seen wearing. So now I just keep things simple and invest in classics.

Want to take five too? Visit our lovely host Mama M. and join the fun here!

Why are these blog carnivals so addicting?


Friday Fill Ins!

Without further ado... (drum roll please!)

1. The right word can make or break a person.

2. Would you stop staring at my Oscar awards in the library and shut the door quietly, please.

3. Up and awaaaaaay!

4. Near the giant chocolate chip cookies just across the chocolate fountain is where you'll find me.

5. Ooh! What is that slimy creature clinging to your left leg?!

6. Agreeing with me in everything is a good idea! XDDD

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to Bible Study with my friends, tomorrow my plans include riding my bike again (uh-oh...) and Sunday, I want to watch my church's Easter cantata!

It's Friday and it's time to fill-in some blanks! Join here!

What are you doing this Friday?


Katherine Heigl Hairstyles

Katherine Heigl never fails to amaze with her dashing hairstyles.

The lovely celebrity actress really does enjoy mixing up her hairstyles for those big red carpet occasions, and she does it marvelously, perhaps with the help of a keen eye.

Feast your peepers on this photo gallery of an array of Katherine Heigl hairstyles.

Katherine Heigl Short Hairstyle.

Katherine Heigl Modern Mullet Hairstyle.
Katherine Heigl Updo Hairstyle.