Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Where's My Little Instruction Book?

I feel like I need Mommy's Little Instruction Book Volume VII. Just when I think that I've got this parenting of two thing down something else gets thrown into the mix and I am all "what in the world am I doing?"
This weekend we installed Jake's big boy car seat and said good bye to his infant carrier. This is a good thing because he weighs over 20 pounds. That infant carrier weighs another 8 pounds (I had to actually look this up online and was shocked that it doesn't weigh more because it certainly felt like more). Regardless; do the math. That is a lot of weight to be lugging around while chasing after a toddler! I was starting to get muscle strain and pain in my arms from carrying that much around! So, needless to say, I was excited to switch to the big boy car seat.
That is I was excited until Monday when I thought; I am just going to take the kids to the grocery store for a little shop, then we'll do x, y & z. I didn't think about it very long until I realized I have no more infant car carrier to put Jake into and then plop into the grocery cart while Samantha sits in the seat of the cart. I would have two children roaming free from any type of restraint. This spells chaos. Needless to say we waited until the afternoon when Chris could go shopping with us, leading to Jake's first shopping cart ride photo op from earlier this week.
I have managed to take the kids to the gym sans infant car seat, but it really does require some preemptive planning. Who do you take out of the car first? How do you juggle two kids and bags? What about putting kids back into the car? At least when Jake was in the carrier I could put him on the ground for a few seconds. We do have both a single and double stroller, and I see myself using them a lot more. We used to use the single with the snap on car seat a lot and then would just let Samantha walk with us, but she just might have to get used to riding in a stroller again. As for the shopping trips; I don't know that I can even think about tackling that with two mobile kids by myself. My heart is racing just thinking about it!