Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The History of Valentine's Day

History of Valentine's day origin Valentine's day Valentine's day Festival Start the era is by prosper Roman Empire In the age of 14 February every year, a holiday to honor but mythology Juno users as Empress of the Roman gods In addition, he is the God of ayuthiya also ittri sex and marriage and the next day is on 15 February to the beginning Festival celebration of Liu perspective Carpi lick Lives of the young will be cut out completely. However, one has a tradition of the young man is to prize On 14 February before starting ¶ï Liu perspective Carpi lick The name of the girl is written into the off paper and place it in the jar Each young man will prize to mate in this Jubilee Festival Often the difference be young and married together.

In the reign of Emperor chlorinated arcadius II of Rome. He is a King with fierce mood and ayuthiya prefer militant blood. ayuthiya realize why that most young man does not intend to participate in the army because he doesn't want to from tranquality and family to then ayuthiya is mrigadayavan verses order prohibits engagement ceremony slips and married in Rome, is strictly forbidden. Make people's sufferings as strongly as itself One business that Saint or likeness Valentine, which live in out Italy Saint Mario Assamese Organize a wedding, with many Christians and good wishes of this then you be the judge, executed by the country in 186 February 14th, which corresponds to ¶ï Liu perspective Carpi lick ancient enough to wear at the opportunity. Banish people. revive tradition prize. By fellow will write a girl name yourself. Subsequent emperors in counter-reformation decides, on 14 February as the Jubilee Festival of love and it still is that the young man will select the girl, the complacency in the Valentine's day Trace dependency to today

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