Sunday, December 27, 2009

Valentines Day Cards

Cards are a celebrated symbol of Valentine's Day. Everyone from young to old, make an expression of love through a beautiful and heartfelt Valentine's Day Card. Little wonder, that after Christmas Valentine's Day is a the second largest card-giving holiday in US. In India too, popularity of Valentine Cards is increasing every year. Some may be surprised to know that a greater percentage of Valentine's Day Greetings are exchanged between non-romantic relations. In order of popularity Valentine Day Cards are given to teachers, children, mothers, wives and sweethearts. Women receive a little over half the Valentine's Day cards exchanged on the occasion. In present time, Valentine's Day E-Cards is very much in vogue because of their cost-effectiveness, instantaneous delivery and massive use of Internet technology.

Valentine's Day Card Ideas
Here are some tips and ideas to help you gift a perfect Valentine's Day Card to your beloved:
  • Buy cards in time so that you have may select the card with ease. If you are good at painting you may also make a handmade Valentine's Day Card
  • Write a verse or poem on the blank side. If you have a creative bent, a better idea would be compose your own lines, else quote a line that reflects your true feelings.
  • Paste a picture of your beloved or a picture of you and your Valentine together to recreate good times spent in the past.
  • List out reasons why you love your Valentine and write them in detail. Include specific memories and instances when he or she touched your heart.
  • Spray a little perfume in the card to charm your sweetheart.
  • Accompany the card with a bouquet of fresh flowers and a thoughtful gift.