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Spike Angel collection reinvents classic glamour, and redefines evening elegance and for any ocasion. Crafted on brand-new lasts to ensure superior fitting, comfort, and sizing accuracy, the superb workmanship and attention to detail is illustrated in the boot collection's designs, details, and luxurious materials.
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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Meet Nigerian singer-songwriter: Bukola Elemide "Aṣa"

Aṣa (pronounced "Asha") (born in 1982) is a Nigerian singer-songwriter and recording artist. Her stage name "Aṣa" means "Hawk" in Yoruba

Early life
Born Bukola Elemide, Aṣa was born in Paris, France to Nigerian parents. She was two years old when her family returned to live in Nigeria. Aṣa grew up in Lagos, in the south-western part of Nigeria. She states that the city is "buzzing with energy but also home to a deep-rooted spirituality. Islam thrives shoulder to shoulder with Christianity in an atmosphere of tolerance, and the turbulent city moves endlessly in an infernal and yet harmonious ballet of love and hate, laughter and violence, poverty and wealth."

However twenty years later Aṣa returned to Paris, which is where her life as an artist took wing. Aṣa was twelve when her mother sent her to one of the best schools in Nigeria. But educational excellence had a bitter taste : five years of studies and hardship. When she came home, she discovered Erykah Badu,D'Angelo, Raphael Saadiq, Lauryn Hill, Femi Kuti and Angelique Kidjo, in whose footprints she dreamt of following.

At 18, Asa was very familiar with frustration. The university was on strike, the choirs were snubbing her. During these frustrating times, Asa used to lock herself in her room and sing; this she said was very comforting. Nevertheless, she managed to get her voice heard on a few radio talent shows and her first applause brought her boundless pleasure. She then signed up, in secret, for the Peter King’s School of Music and learnt to play the guitar in 6 months

Aṣa was the only girl in the family and had to share her parents with her three brothers. At a tender age she began to look after the house during her father and mother’s frequent absences. That is when Aṣa started to sing. The desire to sing came to her and didn’t go away, carving out a permanent place in her soul. She preferred singing to talking, improvising endlessly until her mother made her stop.

Over the years her father had built up a fine collection of records featuring soul classics and Nigerian music, including Marvin Gaye, Fela Kuti, Bob Marley,Aretha Franklin, Sunny Ade, Ebenezer Obey and Lagbaja and went on to draw inspiration from them. Aṣa said "I was a tomboy and when I was a teenager I became very shy because people made fun of me in my own way, I was already attracting attention ! I got in the habit of never doing anything like everyone else. People didn’t understand my low-pitched deep voice, the choirs didn’t want anything to do with me. I had to get to church first if I was to have any chance of getting near the mike"

In 2004 Aṣa met her manager, Janet, who introduced her to Cobhams Emmanuel Asuquo, who in turn became her musical partner. He enabled Aṣa, the free spirit, to find her bearings : songs in English and Yoruba, music falling somewhere between pop and soul, inspired by her musical heritage — with particular care paid to the melodies — and reflecting the feeling she puts into it. Her texts talk about her country, the things in life, the things in her life, all delivered with feigned naivete and real irony. She states "I like writing or thinking about my texts on the bus, or the molue, as we call it. 49 seats, 99 passengers standing up, as Fela described it. Everyone’s squashed up together and mini-dramas break out all the time. And, at the end of the day, we still manage to laugh, that’s where our strength lies..."

It was at this stage of her life that Aṣa finally returned to Paris. This was her chance to test out her talent on the French musical scene, playing with artists such as the Nubians, Manu Dibango, Doctor L and Tony Allen. In the meantime, back in Nigeria, her first single, Eye Adaba, then Jailer, were beginning to get airtime. MTV chose her as the ambassador for South Africa. Her popularity became big, that when she came back to Nigeria she opened for Akon, John Legend, Beyonce and Snoop Dogg amongst others.

Aṣa soon signed to the 'Naive label'. Partnered by Cobhams, and with the new involvement of Christophe Dupouy, she produced a magnificent debut album, ASA. R&b rubs up against pop, with reggae also making an appearance on 'Fire On The Mountain', the first track released from the album, an impertinent and barely-disguised metaphor for an ignorant and indifferent world. "Jailer", another highlight of the album, reinterprets the old adage “you reap what you sow”. This emblematic song with its irresistible refrain opens the album by denouncing modern slavery in all its forms.Aṣa's song Eye Adaba featured in the 3rd episode of series 3 of the E4's teen tv show, Skins, in which congolese youngster Thomas is forced to return to Congo from Bristol, where he was living in a flat owned by Johnny White, and made new friends in Pandora, Effy and the rest of the cast. The song is used for the scene in which Thomas is told be pack his bags by his mother and he is upset at having to leave.

Track listing
"Fire on the Mountain"
"Eye Adaba""No One Knows"
"So Beautiful"

Friday, April 24, 2009

Muma Gee Denies Romancing Timaya‘s Manager

Daring and pretty singer, Muma Gee, has made news many times. 
Her music may not have been as hot as Beyonce‘s, but Muma is one babe who hardly gets annoyed.

She is, however, not happy over a gist that is going on in the entertainment circle. It is being alleged that Muma has found a new beau in the person of Timaya‘s manager.

Busybodies claimed that Muma had made Timaya‘s Alausa, Lagos abode her second home, as she was always there to frolick with the crooner‘s manager.

But speaking to Life and Beat, Muma denied dating the guy in question. ”I heard and read that story and it got me so angry. What kind of nonsense is this? Timaya is from Bayelsa and I am from Rivers. Is it a bad thing if I go and visit him?

“Why can’t people say something positive for once instead of looking for bad things to talk about or write?” she queried.

Concerning the alegation that they kissed in public, Muma fumed, ”You know me so well; do I look like somebody who would be kissing in public?

“I don’t always react when I read or hear negative stories about me, but this particular story really got me angry.

“The guy in question is just a young boy. If I were to date, why wouldn’t I go for Timaya instead of his manager?

Halle Berry Auction to Benefit Victims of Domestic Violence

Halle Berry has always been candid about her past experiences with domestic violence. And it was that experience that led her to become a supporter of the Jenesse Center, a Los Angeles based non profit organization that provides support to domestic violence victims for the past several years. Via press release:

“Academy Award-winning actress and beauty icon Halle Berry will auction off a unique, hand-carved rose gold cuff bracelet this week to show her support for families dealing with the devastating effects of domestic violence. As of April 15th, consumers can place bids through CharityBuzz for the chance to own this signature piece. The cuff bracelet was designed exclusively for Halle Berry to wear in the advertising campaign for her debut fragrance, Halle by Halle Berry. Net proceeds generated by the auction will be donated to the Jenesse Center, a domestic violence intervention program that Ms. Berry has supported for many years.

“The Jenesse Center is an organization that is very close to my heart," said Halle Berry. "Their work makes a tremendous difference in the lives of women and children and I am proud to support such a worthy cause by auctioning off this beautiful bracelet.”

Designed by Gara Danielle, this stunning cuff bracelet was inspired by Halle Berry's natural beauty and was designed specifically for Halle to wear on set at the making of her fragrance campaign in Ohahu, Hawaii. Now anyone can have the opportunity to own a replica of the bracelet and support this great cause by bidding on Made from 14K rose gold plate over sterling silver, this adjustable cuff is valued at $4,000.

The Jenesse Center is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1980 and provides help to victims of domestic violence with a comprehensive centralized base of support through facilities, education and health programs, case management, and legal services. The overall goal of the Jenesse Center is to change the pattern of abuse in the lives of women and children.”

On April 19th, the Jenesse Center held its annual Silver Rose Gala and auction in Beverly Hills:

Elva Lima, Guest, David A. Paschal, Halle Berry, Karen Earl and Kathy Koelle attend the 2009 Jenesse Silver Rose Gala & Auction at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills California.

R&B Star Chilli to Host Event Honouring African American Women for Mother's Day

Activities Include Donation to Women’s Organizations and Spa Event with Chilli from TLC

Via BLACK PR WIRE, ATLANTA, April 22, 2009 – Dasani is bringing feel-good refreshment to African American women through a Mother’s Day program that celebrates good work in the community and refreshes women with style and beauty experiences. Chilli from the Grammy award-winning R&B group TLC is spokesperson for the campaign.

On April 24, Dasani will be giving hundreds of women complementary spa services at the fabulous Townhouse Spa in New York City. Hosted by Chilli, the Dasani “Ultimate Style and Beauty Lounge” will offer these women the opportunity to recharge in a relaxing atmosphere designed to provide a quick escape from the daily challenges of life. To round out the spa experience, L’Oreal Paris will provide beauty makeovers and SoftSheen-Carson will provide hairstyles and trims for the women.

Dasani also will be mixing some good deeds into this uplifting day when it recognizes Girls Inc.and Dress for Success for their support of women through a variety of positive, image-building programs. Debra L. Lee, chairman and CEO of BET Holdings, Inc., and Bethann Hardison, a legend in the fashion industry and founder of Black Girls Coalition, also will be honored for their work in fostering programs for young women.

“This Mother’s Day program reminds women that the simple moments are often the most refreshing and offers them the rewards and much-needed attention they deserve, said Yolanda White, assistant vice president, African American Marketing, Coca-Cola North America. “With a great tasting water like Dasani, women can maintain their active lifestyles while also balancing their rigorous schedules.”

The program continues the dialogue with spokesperson Chilli delivering a message of health and hydration through print, radio, and in-store advertising, and inviting moms to visit for a chance to win a VIP spa experience with the star.

The new website also features the latest fashion trends for spring from Chilli, including the coolest accessories, hot new make-up, hair trends, hair care tips and coupons for products. “This exciting program brings to life the refreshing benefits of drinking Dasani with style and vitality. This is yet another of the many initiatives on tap for 2009 that will connect consumers to our brands through real, relevant experiences,” said White.

****While we're on the subject of beauty and giving, Karyn at The Fabulous Giver blog has been selected by Johnson & Johnson to host a body care cause party in Chicago. The nationwide initiative, which launched in NY with R&B singer Ashanti, is using beauty bloggers to celebrate girlfriends and make a difference. Read more here.

Meet Dj Zeez "O4Kasibe"

DJ Zeez’s hit song O4kasibe threw up as much controversy as it fetched him instant fame among millions of lovers of Nigerian hip hop music. He tells ‘NONYE IWUAGWU the real meaning of 04Kasibe and why he has been dogged by scandals.

Most people don’t know your real name
My name is Kingsley Elikpo. I am from Mbano in Imo State. Actually, I would call myself a ‘mixed breed’. My mum is Yoruba and my dad is Igbo. But I was born and brought up in Lagos. That is basically why I can speak Yoruba very fluently. There was a time when I had to attend school in Owerri because my parents wanted me to understand Igbo language.

You are called DJ Zeez. Were you a disc jockey?
Yes. I started in the industry as a disc jockey when I was about 17 years.

How come you were doing that at such an age?
I liked it. I was a science student when I was in secondary school. I was attracted to the technical part of music. I wanted to know about the engineering part and the whole connection thing.That was what prompted me to become a disc jockey. It wasn’t because I didn’t have any other thing to do. My parents didn’t frown at what I was doing because I was doing well in school. 

I didn’t start it for commercial purposes, at first. I was just doing it in the house; I would get songs and mix them together. But, in time, my friends got to know that I was good at it and they kept encouraging me. That was when I decided to get bigger equipment and turned it into a business.

So your parents didn’t mind when you finally turned it into a business?
No, they didn’t mind.

At what point did you decide to leave disc jockeying for music?
Some friends of mine formed a group called Xzist. At the time, I was still a DJ. I would always DJ for them back then whenever they had small shows around. With time, I started listening to songs and I started miming songs as well. They felt I should join the group. I joined the group and that made me the fourth member of the group.

You guys eventually broke up?
Yes. You know, musical groups in Nigeria hardly last. One person may be having one problem or the other and another person would be having a different problem. As a result, in 2004 I decided to go solo. I started doing my own thing.

Was that when you released O4Kasibe?
No. That was not my first single. My first single was title Orin.

But it was not successful.
No, it wasn’t. Remember that I just started then. I didn’t know anybody in the industry. I just did it on my own. By 2005, I came out with Same Ni, which was successful. In terms of profits, it wasn’t really successful. But it brought me popularity. If you mention DJ Zeez today, people would relate me with the guy that did Same Ni. The song was nominated for Channel O Music award in 2007.
The song made me popular, but it didn’t get me the money I wanted.

Finally you came out with O4kasibe.
Yes. That was towards the end of last year. I released it as a single. But the album dropped early this year.

What is O4kasibe?
It is a slang that was common among my neighbourhood pals in Bariga in those days. They used it to show respect to the people they honoured. They use the slang when they want to hail the person. The concept is that the ‘4’ in the word represents the four cardinal points- north, east, west and south. When you say O4kasibe, it means that you are making a positive impact on people globally, not just where you are.

But some people say the song literally means, ‘You have lost your head’
That is the controversy around the song. But it is the artiste that should say what he means in his song and defend that meaning. But I don’t think it is a good idea for me to come up and decide that the song I want to do for my fans is to start cursing them.

Those who understand the actual meaning of the song like it so much and you see them go crazy when it is playing. The meaning of the song is affecting it and that is why it is felt everywhere. We get all sorts of calls from different parts of the world. You can ask my manager, Tunde. They keep inviting us for shows and events.

We learnt the song was banned by Nigeria Broadcasting Commission?
That is a big lie. I even heard the song on two different radio stations when I was coming now. I believe if you ban a song on air, no radio or TV station plays it. It is just a rumour. I believe people are saying this because they are yet to understand the real meaning of O4kasibe.

What would you call yourself, a disc jockey or a musician?
Right now, I am just a music producer. I am also a writer and a performing artiste. I have left the disc jockey aspect because it requires daily practice. You get called up for shows and events in different towns. Then again, I am being called to perform in another town as a musician and all that. I simply had to reduce stress by just sticking to production and singing alone.

So I can say I am a producer right now. I have produced several songs like Party Rider by 9ice. Recently, I am working on a couple of songs in Weird MC’s forthcoming album.

Is it true that O4kasibe fetched you a Cadillac?
That is true. It was courtesy of the record label, Edlyne Records. It is a foreign record label owned by a Nigerian. He heard my song over the internet. That was even before O4kasibe was formally released. We started communicating even before we met for the first time. It was just recently that we met each other. He had bought the car for me before we met
At first, he thought we were just Nigerian scammers that put songs on the internet. By the time he felt the impact of the song, he was tripped.

Your profile is rising and you are being linked with many scandals.
Yes. What more can I say. A lot of things are actually attached to success. The best thing is to hear from the horse’s mouth. A lot of people who write things about me are not even opportune to see me one-on-one or to ask me for my own side of the story. They don’t even bother to confirm their stories before publishing them.

Is it true that you had an accident while driving home half-drunk in the cadillac?
I wasn’t involved in any accident at all. There is nothing like that. No such thing will ever happen by His grace. 

We also learnt that you are involved in internet fraud...
I have never been involved in anything that is close to ‘yahoo yahoo’ in my life. This Yahoo thing is not like today’s issue. The problem is that people who are spreading this rumour are finding it difficult to believe that I could make so much impact in such a short time. Some of them wonder when I released this song that I should be this successful. Some say they hear I have so much money in my account and I wear good clothes and they fail to relate it with the success of my music only. They don’t want to believe because a lot of artistes out there have great songs and are not making money.
But my case is different because we are working and walking very closely with God. We are applying both international and the local marketing strategy to sell the songs. People are finding it difficult to believe that this guy is making such an impact from only one song.

Did you have a quarrel with Konga? 
I did not have any quarrel with him. They say Konga is claiming he is the owner of O4kasibe. He is not the owner. I spoke to him and he said he never mentioned anything like that to anybody. There has never been any misunderstanding between myself and any musician.

We learnt you claimed you were a student of Leeds City University and some people said it was not true
Leeds City University is a private university in Ibadan. To start with, I have many friends in that school. Most of them are not people that I just met. They are all childhood friends. For example, in the school where I have my strongest fan base the students there see me as one of their own.

At a point, I started thinking of going to the university to further my education. I felt that since I have a good relationship with the students, may be I should try to get an admission into the school.

I told some of my friends that I might be getting admission into the school considering the relationship I have got with most of the students there. I never said I was a bona fide student of the school. I am an artiste and I understand how far one word you say could make or mar you.

Then again, if I am not in the school and I claim I am there, I would be giving free publicity to the school. Please, I didn’t tell anybody that I was a student of Leeds City University. I have just got a very strong fan base over there. I don’t think I would even want to disclose any school I would enrol to anybody.

It is amazing that you are not a university undergraduate. Was it by choice that you have not aquired higher education?
That aspect is quite complicated. When I finished secondary school, I ventured into digital film animation with the Nigerian Institution of Information Technology. I later went to the University of Abuja for a diploma programme.

It was that time that I did Same Ni. I found out that music was not something you would do part time and get what you want. I decided to ease off on the school thing and face my musical career for a couple of years. I thank God that the result is positive. I don’t think it is a bad idea if I decide to pursue higher education now. I still have a love for science. I still have a love for whatever course I intend to study. I am not going to sing forever.

Don’t you think your musical career would suffer if you get into the university?
I think so. It is difficult to find a prominent artiste who is making so much waves and studying in the university at the same time.

There are various institutions that are designed not just to help artistes, but to help people who are in different professions and studying.

A lot of people may not consider going back to school, since they are already successful in their chosen careers
I am not thinking in that direction. The foundation I had before getting to this point will not allow me to ignore education. I started as a disc jockey. A disc jockey plays different kinds of songs in a party. He understands the crowd and tries to give them the very best of music.

From that point, I ventured into rapping. I didn’t start as a singer, I was a rapper. Then, I started producing beats that would fit into songs. Then last year, I started singing. It is just that I have been following the normal procedure way back.

I understand that most of the big problems that most artiste have is that of orientation and education. Education and wealth are two different things. In today’s world, you find a lot of literate people working so hard and under the payroll of illiterates who are very wealthy. That is the situation that I do not want to experience in my own life time. I want to study something that I have always loved and then do music as well.

What about your female fans?
Coping with them is not as hard as people think. One of the things that have helped me is that before I got into this career, I had friends who were stars. Most times I was always with them. I would say I have been learning from their mistakes. Just as I made my research very well before I ventured into music, I know the dos and don’ts. I am not a total saint but at the same time, I am not the Devil with horns.

But when you see a female fan that once to get closer, it is basically because of what she has seen around you. If not for your stardom, that person would not give a damn about you. That person would not see you and like you. The moment you start disrespecting one fan by getting closer than you should, you are disrespecting the rest as well.

What is your girlfriend saying about your relationship with your female fans?
I don’t have a girlfriend.

For real?
Anyway, it is like this: I used to have a girlfriend before the whole stardom stuff blew up like this.

She didn’t wnt you to be a star?
At first, she was okay with the fact that I was singing. She likes singing as well. But she didn’t expect it to get this big. She didn’t like the fact that everybody wants to see me and all that. She just wasn’t comfortable with that and she was looking at the future and she kept asking if I would have time for the family. It came to a point where I had to choose between my career and the relationship.

So you chose your career?
I didn’t say I was going to choose my career over her. At a point, the music thing required a lot of attention from me. I didn’t have time for food, let alone for anybody. Getting a girlfriend now who would be somewhere nagging and saying I am not giving her attention would distract me from where I am going to. O4kasibe might have got me to a good height, but it has not got me to where I would really want to be. It might be difficult to settle down later. It might be difficult to get a girl who would love you for who you are and not what you are, but there is nothing I can do now.

What do you hope to achieve in future?
When I get to the height where I want to be, I would definitely give back to the society. I am not saying I would be giving beggars money, but I would invest in NGOs and companies that would reduce unemployment.

Lagbaja Unleashes New Album

We’ve been waiting for long. We’ve been wondering un-end. We’ve worried till we’re weary – when will we lay our hands on another Lagbaja album? When will the masked musician and his band bless fans with another body of work? This year? Next year? Or the year after the next?

Well, we can all now heave a sigh of relief, because Lagbaja has confirmed that a new album – the first since his 2005 release Africano – is ready, and about to hit the streets.

According to a statement released by his publicist Ayeni Adekunle on Monday April 6, the new album, which comes in two CDs, will be officially released in Nigeria before the end of April.
‘‘I’m glad to tell you, brothers and sisters, that our new album is ready’’, Lagbaja said in Lagos this week. ‘‘The world is going through different challenges right now, but the journey continues. We’ll continue to make good music and preach the gospel of Africa to the rest of the world’’.
Lagbaja’s eponymous debut album was released to national acclaim in 1993. 
He followed with Cest Un African Thing in 1996, and in 2000 he did what was hitherto thought impossible when he dropped a three-in-one album titled ME, WE and ABAMI respectively. The simultaneous three-part release further enriched his repertoire of hits and timeless pieces, endeared him to even more critics, and won him a million-and-one converts.

His most recent album – Africano… the mother of groove- was released to critical acclaim in 2005.
Once again, Lagbaja is releasing more than once album simultaneously. ‘‘We have two CDs coming out this time. Our fans deserve it, especially having waited for this long’’, He said. A third, the long-anticipated Africano Party (now remixed) will follow later in the year.
Further details concerning the upcoming album, including dates and track listings, will be communicated within the next 72 hours.

9ice Opens New House

9ice is doing nice things to himself and he is got a Toni Payne that is not a pain by his side.The latest gist about Abolore Akande,the popular Nigerian musician known as 9ice is that he has moved into his new house in Abule-Egba area of Lagos State.The house warming ceremony,which took place on Sunday 12 April 2009 saw a lot of people coming to felicitate with the couple.
9ice deserve all the accolades as there are many artistes who has made more money but has no thought of doing something like this.

Meet Naija Music Star: Banky W

BANKOLE Wellington popularly known as Banky W. has come to make a difference with his music. His My Regret, crafted an intimate song that tugs on every last string of your heart, and pulls out every last tear from your eyes. 

With Capable, he transports you to an island off the coast of Africa. 

With You Really Don’t Know Me he paints the picture of a young man, who despite all you’ve seen, is still shrouded in mystery, hardcore, pain, darkness etc. 

Here lies a young man who is reflective of us all. Far from claiming that he is the best thing, his music tells us a much realer story. The same story that if you looked close enough, you would see in the mirror. It’s about the joys of falling in love, the insecurity of being unsure about it, and the pain of heartbreak. It’s about the risk of disappointing those closest to you, and worse, disappointing yourself. According to him my music is about “making life and love work. It’s about screwing up. It’s about repentance and redemption. Its about finding peace. It’s about “wilding out”. Sometimes doing things you know you’re not supposed to do. It’s not just about getting there; it’s about the journey” he said. 

Born in America to Nigerian parents and spending his growing years in Africa, Banky learnt to appreciate both the beauty and the sorrows of living in the motherland; where somehow, believing in God helped him survive his life’s struggles. 

According to him “I woke up to the barrel of a gun of armed robbers at the age of 15. I fought through two surgeries on cancerous tumours in the same shoulder before the age of 23, and still earned an Engineering degree from one of the most prestigious schools in the USA,” said Banky. 

For Banky, in a twist of the words spoken by his favorite artist, Shawn ‘Jay-Z’ Carter, “life is never but a beach chair”. 

Singer, songwriter, producer, entertainer, and all around renaissance man, Banky W is the consummate artist. His songs tell the story of his life, as-is, raw and uncut. Whether that means struggling to get through college via numerous jobs, scholarships and loans, or struggling to get the attention of a fickle music industry. Whether it’s about love, joy, pain, money, hustling, music… it’s all real, and it’s all Banky W. 

His music and his life story have catapulted him into the spotlight; with an ever-growing and larger-than-life presence on the internet. Banky has won numerous awards including the Urban Independent Music Award for R&B/Soul, The Nigerian Entertainment Award, and the highly coveted John Lennon Songwriting Contest grand prize in the R&B category. He’s been featured on AOL, Fox TV, and he has appeared in a wide variety of print media, radio stations and a plethora of websites. His myspace page ( shows him being on the pace to one million song plays. 

Through his music, blogs, and lifestyle, Banky has managed to independently connect on a personal level with fans, establishing a cult-like following of thousands of listeners across the globe.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Green October: The Mix Tape Vol I. Nigeria's Top Singles From Spring 2008-Spring 2009

Tribe X Entertainment and DJ Manixx of The Coalition of Nigerian DJ’s


Green October: The Mix tape Vol I.


Green October: The Mix tape Vol I is a compilation of Nigeria’s most popular hits from the beginning of 2008-2009. The simple goal is to share this phenomenal music with non Nigerians and Nigerians in the Diaspora who would not otherwise have the opportunity to own or readily obtain the music.

Featuring the Popular Smash Hit Singles from some of Nigeria’s most popular and creative musical artists, Dbanj, Tuface, Timaya, Femi Kuti, M.I., Naeto C, and more! All assembled together in one professionally mastered music compilation.


The Mix tape, a collaborative effort by Harry Baba of Tribe X Entertainment, (winner of 2008 Best U.S. Based Promoter at the Nigerian Entertainment Awards), and outstanding Washington D.C. based DJ, DJ Manixx, member of the world famous Coalition of Nigerian DJ’s. The mix tape is available and ABSOLUTELY FREE for online downloads for anyone in the world who wants to hear the extraordinarily beautiful and rich music coming out of the great nation known as Nigeria.


The ultimate goal of this project was to make Nigerian music more readily accessible to the folks who love the music living in the Diaspora, USA, Canada, Europe, and other parts of the world. This mix tape is a project that complements the already existing Movement that strives on getting our beloved Nigerian music out to the masses in every nation on the planet. In addition, we wish to share a taste of our Nigerian culture through music with all peoples of all backgrounds, race, religion, and traditions. We are not the first to do a mixtape of this level, or the last, but there are still thousands, even millions of folks out there that need to see, hear and taste something sweet, positive, refreshing and outstanding coming out of Nigeria.


We strongly encourage folks unaccustomed to African music to be open minded: simply download to your I tunes, hard drives, I pods, MP3 players, burn CD’s, and play. Please share the links below with friends, family and associates and support the websites listed below that have agreed to upload the mix tape.

Tu Face Idibia: New Album Released "Unstoppable"

The 2 face album Unstoppable has been released in Nigeria . Tracks produced by R.kelly, Jiggy Jegg, Sway da Safo, Chaka demus and Pliers, Ozzie, Wayne Mcneish , J Sleek and Mic Tunes have made the 19 track album. Yes the R.kelly track named Flex is on the album. the first video for the album is enter the place directed by Luke Biggins, and the second video is Go down There feat Sway. The video's will be screened on mtv europe, mtv base and BET. 

American RnB singer/songwriter, R. Kelly features on the track "Flex," while Jamaican acts, Chakademus and Pliers, best known for their hit tracks, Tease Me and Murder She Wrote are also included in the album.  Sound Sultan and other stars like Wyre, Sway and Lil Ehi Idibia are also featured in the album.
The tracks include Enter the place, Flex, Swallow your pride, Take it back, Outside, Pako, Free, So proud (remix), Oh papa, Excuse me sister, Appreciate it, Fly, See it coming, I sing, Jungle don mature, Go down there, Felling you, etc

Unstoppable is a pleasant mix of R&B, reggae, hip-hop and Afrobeat and the first album released on Tuface's music label, Hypertek Records.

Latest Gists On P Square

Since their current album, Game Over, hit the shelves in November 2007, the duo of Peter and Paul Okoye, popularly known as PSquare, have not released another album.

But in a swift reaction to the yearning of their fans, they have promised that the next effort will be worth waiting for.

Although they refused to disclose precisely when the job will be ready, Peter said their fans should be rest assured that Psquare will not disappoint them.

“I won’t say categorically that we are working or cooking. But like our elder brother, Jude, usually says, any time you don’t hear from Psquare, you should be happy, because we are working.

“A lot of artistes are coming up at the moment and we want to give them the chance to express themselves. We don’t want a situation where we the A-list artistes will bombard the market. But our fans should be rest assured that we won’t disappoint them,” Peter stated.

Naija Music Star: Wande Coal

Who is Wande Coal?
My real names are Ojosipe Oluwatobi Wande. I'm a student and an R&B artiste signed on to Mo'Hits records. I come from a family of two boys, the first-child. My mom is a teacher and dad, a businessman. I went through Federal Government College, Ijaniki, before gaining admission to UNILAG, where I did Curriculum Studies. Along the line I met Don Jazzy and D'Banj, and right here Wande Coal is a brand signed on to Mo'Hits records for Nigeria.

How did you get into music?

Basically, music has been there from childhood. I started music from the church, Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG). Then our house used to be near the church and they kept the musical instruments in our house. I started from teenage choir, adult choir through to mass choir. From mass choir I moved to a group called Salvation Boys. We picked ourselves from different parishes of the church. We were about eight boys singing Acapela. From there I got into UNILAG, where I could not go for church programmes and handle school at the same time. But meanwhile, I had been listening to Michael Jackson and had been dancing by the side. So, it is not just the vocal thing that I have alone as my gift. I have the dance side as another aspect, which is going to be portrayed in the videos coming out soon. I continued dancing for different shows in UNILAG and my first paid job was for Mainframe Production, Segun Adeshila, where I danced as a soundtrack artiste. My second show was for extra smooth. I have been in the industry for a while dancing for different artistes. I have danced for Angelica, Boulevard, and Asha, when he used to handle Rock the Mic programme for Channel One, on Toyin Street. I moved from Ijaniki to Mushin, where I stayed with my grandmother. It was Mushin that groomed me. I was going to dance and music lessons. It was from Mushin that I moved on to school and D'Banj and Don Jazzy had come into the Nigeria entertainment industry. I saw them and had been dreaming to meet them. Luckily, I met them when I performed at a show with Konga in UNILAG. Konga later took me to D'Banj and Don Jazzy and asked me to perform for them and I did without thinking whether they would sign me on or not, I did very well. This was in early 2006. I was beating my chest and performing for them, while they sat in a circle and listened. They got my number and called me the next day. Since that day till this moment, I have been with Mo'Hits record.

What is it like working with Mo'Hits Record? Have you met that anticipation you had from the outset being with Mo'Hits? Have you realised it?

Right from the first time I met them, my heart has always been with them. I did not have any biased mind, I just wanted to be music. As I met Don Jazzy, I felt so privileged because there is nowhere, they could sign anybody like that, with the same kind of good production and management because, as an artiste, I have learnt a lot through Mo'Hits records. I started featuring with D'Banj on Loke. I did a couple of things in Why Me. I was not good then, I had to go through a lot of process. They did not even allow me go on stage yet, as they put me with their live band. So, I started as a back up singer for D'Banj, not as an artiste. I used it as a learning process. They now pushed me on by putting me on Mo'Hits CV album, comprising the entire artistes on Mo'Hits record. Even at that, I was not still good. They could not allow me come out like that. So, I had to learn. Mo'Hits records: comprising Don Jazzy, D'Banj, Wande Coal, Prince, Kswitch and Dr.Fresh, is a family. It is a family thing; Mo'Hits record is a big family.

Do you think you have achieved your dream?

I have achieved my entire dream. The reason is that while in Mushin I discovered that to be a recorded musical artiste is not easy because you might have a good song but might be awful. To make good music, you need to have a good video, standard management and all these you can't do on your own. I have achieved a lot because for the first time, I went from Mushin to the United States of America (USA) as a back up artiste to D'Banj. So, I have been elevated by God, from there, we toured five states in the US and moved to Germany, where I stood with D'Banj to receive his MTV Base award as a back up artiste. I had not recorded an album when all these happened. That alone is already okay by me.

What do you think has endeared them to you?

Number one, my complexion, voice and God, because we have a lot of talents out there, why me? I am not so special, we have people that are better than I do hundred times but God favoured me.

You started your musical career not too long ago and suddenly you have reached the top of the ladder in your career, did you think you were going to move that fast.

I didn't think it was going to be like that but I always saw myself there. As I said earlier, the first time I saw D'Banj and Don Jazzy at the PMAN anniversary, where I performed along side Angelica, I could not go and meet them to introduce myself but God brought them to UNILAG. And I just performed, and they got my number, and called me up the next day. Right now, I have achieved because now they know my name and everything is going on smoothly. So, I will say Mo'Hits is the Koko.

What do you say, at this stage, is the sweetest thing about being a singer?

When you have to go outside and people call your name. I did not have that in Mushin at all. Back then, in Mushin I could go out play in the ghetto, sing, and freestyle in the hood because I always did that everyday. And everyday I must get a new song. I didn't want to know whether you knew me or not. I could go to any ghetto beat my chest, sing and entertain people but now I can't even go outside. I have learnt to know when to start and stop, because basically all those things I do back then are being limited now.

What inspires you musically?

Surroundings, my thoughts. Don Jazzy inspires me with the beats and other different artistes.

You are hyperactive on stage do you do drugs?

It's a culture. I'm a small boy I don't do drugs. My mummy is a teacher. I can't do that.

What of marijuana?

I don't know anything about that! I don't do that too.

My mom is a teacher, who impacted a lot of wisdom in me. And when I went to Mushin, I lived with my grandmother, who was also very strict and would not allow nonsense. I mixed a lot with different people but I still didn't forget where I was coming from. I knew where I was going because I could have become a Fuji artiste, but Don Jazzy will not sign me on.

Hip-hop music as you know, has gone a different way and form, how would you describe your brand of music.

My brand of music is a new style. It means a lot of things to me because I have been looking at the music industry for a while. Actually, I think this is the right time to release a good music that will appeal to people, not just mincing words. I am a brand and I know what I am bringing into the music industry, a new syllabus entirely. I call Don Jazzy my brochure because I can change style at any point in time. I can do any kind of music. I want other artistes to be able do any kind of music, not just focus on one thing; it makes us stagnant in the music industry. At least, when we make different genres of music, we can mix with the international act easier. It has become a general thing that most artistes have to adopt Yoruba slang but you have to do songs in English so as to aim for Grammy.

Tell us about your new album.

My new album that is pirated already is titled Ololufe and that is the fake copy. The new album is called M 2 M (from Mushin to Mo'Hits). Recently, I went to a show and the girls said they wanted Ololufe, not in my new album but I had to buy this fake album on the road to perform Ololufe. I will say piracy is not good but is good for me because am just a normal boy and they are already pirating my work. But it is not good for an artiste because it affects the market value of one's work. M2M is a 16 tracker, with tracks like 'You Bad,' featuring D'Banj, 'Confused' also featuring D'Banj, 'Na who born the maga,' 'Sope ti e' and others. The pirated one, already released contains taboo, 'Bumper to bumper.' Don't buy it, please is fake.

Which of the tracks do you consider the hit track?

I don't consider anyone the hit track, but let my fans judge.

How did you come about Wande Coal?

My name is Ojosipe Oluwatobi Wande, as said earlier. Wande is my last name. I picked Wande and added my colour, 'Charcoal.' I removed the 'char' and adopted the 'coal.'

You are known with your Bling Bling and dark eyeglasses but why are you without your glasses today?

Basically, it's when I am on stage that I use it as a trademark and get less distraction.

Do you still see some of those your peers back in the days in Mushin?

Funny enough, since I finished this album, D'Banj and Don Jazzy don't allow me to go out.


When I go out people just want me to sing for them and in the name of love you may be compelled to do it but it is just a programming of an artiste. As an artiste, I don't have to go out always, so I don't lose my value and become a 'see finish.'

What is the hard part of stardom?

Managing it. As for any artiste, I am advised. Managing stardom is very hard but you have to be humble and cheerful at the same time.

How long did it take you to put this album together?

I did not start working on this album until D'Banj finished the Entertainer album.

How much of Wande Coal, rather than the Mo'Hits rhythm, attitude and style is in this album?

I will say a lot, just buy the album and tell me what you feel.

What is the craziest thing a fan has ever done to you?

Remember, I have not even done CV album. I just did a song with D'Banj and why we invited one aunty from London and said I should sing for her. I just sang and the aunty who was standing just fell to the floor.


I don't know but I was scared. I just thank God, everything I put to Him, I have been in the church, especially the choir. So anything anybody says about my song, I thank God for everything because He is the one that gave me the talent.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I would have added more years to my age. I will be a big boss. May be telling Don Jazzy and D'Banj, lets sign on more artistes to Mo'Hits records. But I see myself established. 'Wande Coal' is more than Wande Coal, and this is more than music sense. I am talking about business sense and international collaboration.

We learnt that at some time you had an accident with the car you won at Hip-hop award, how serious was the accident and the state of the car?

Well I will say thank you to my God that I'm alive. Anything accident, I don't want to be associated with it again. But I am fine, the car and everything is fine. I should be thanking God that I even have time to release this album.

Do you have role models?

From the beginning, I will say Michael Jackson, then Usher, Akon, T-pain, Don Jazzy and D'Banj.

Stardom attracts women, how do you handle women?

I try as much as possible to keep it as a mutual respect like 'Wande you have a good music I love, and 'I love you too.' I don't take it more than because the most important thing for an artiste is to be successful. I don't let that get into my head.

So, who is the woman in your life?

I am still a small boy; still have a lot of things to achieve. I am 22 years old.

The special woman in my life is in the studio, my music. Music is my girlfriend. I kiss and love music.

What do you cherish most in a woman?

Good attitude, maybe because I have not tried to look for one.

I have been able to perform on different stages, on the same stage with international artistes as back up artiste, and it is not done anywhere. The likes of Jazzy, Miss Elliot, Beyoncy and others. It is a pride for me to say I have performed on the same stage with them it is not easy. I have not seen any back-up artiste who has done that. I had thought I was not going to travel outside Nigeria but I thank God, I met Don Jazzy and D'Banj. Another achievement is Wande Coal, a brand. I did not think it was going to be so. If I go out now, I hear people say Wande Coal, they don't even just say it, they sing it. It is a great achievement for me I thank God.

It is obvious that God has been good to you, what more?

Apart from these, I intend to go into different collabos internationally. We are working on that. I am aiming for the Grammys, and we are working on a song, that when it comes out will bring Grammy to Nigeria.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's Profile

In her harrowing novel Half of a Yellow Sun, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie transported 650,000 British readers to war-ravaged Biafra. Now she turns her fierce intelligence to short stories telling of her life in America. William Skidelsky meets the prize-winning author

Born 1977 in Enugu, Nigeria, the fifth of six children to Igbo parents Grace Ifeoma and James Nwoye Adichie, a registrar and a professor at the University of Nigeria. Brought up in Nsukka as a Roman Catholic, she loved Enid Blyton books and began writing from an early age. Studied medicine and pharmacy at the University of Nigeria before leaving for the United States aged 19.

2001 Received a BA in communication and political science at Eastern Connecticut State University.

2003 Her first novel, Purple Hibiscis, garnered widespread critical acclaim. Completed a creative writing MA at Johns Hopkins university, Baltimore.

2007 Half of a Yellow Sun, set during the Biafran war, won the Orange Prize.

2008 Graduated with an MA in African Studies from Yale University.

She says

"I don't think all writers should have political roles but I, as a person who writes realist fiction set in Africa, almost automatically have a political role."

They say

"Here is a new writer endowed with the gift of ancient storytellers. She knows what is at stake, and what to do about it. She is fearless."
Chinua Achebe, author

Imogen Carter

• The Thing Around Your Neck is published by Fourth Estate